Monday, June 28, 2010

Discoveries of Idiocy

Ok this is my rant blog entry. Joe and I discovered a show yesterday called "Thats Gay" where we found out that there is a new term invented by brillant and classy rappers where they say "no homo" after they say something that could be interpreted as "gay". WTF? Are you serious? This makes me hate the rappers like Lil Wayne so much more than I thought I could. Kanye says it in a song. Lots of other rappers do too. Then I went on facebook and someone I went to highschool with had just put his status up and at the end put no homo. We don't need any more homophobic hate spreading around. This infuritates me and I wish as a freaking society we could please just EVOLVE damn it! Its 2010! There was also a Boondocks episode that someone else posted on my husband's page called "no homo". I hate these current rappers who have put hip hop to shame and create crap song after crap song and coined this phrase. I don't even know the name of the rapper who came up with it and claims he started it. I am not THAT old, I am 32, but I often find myself at the gas station with some young idiot blasting Lil Wayne or one of the other rapper idiots and I glare in hatred. I know its not just me being "old". I just appreciate good music and this to me isn't music at all! But this post is about the hate, the homophobia and my earnest quest to make everyone wake up out of their never ending ignorance! It makes me sick!

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