Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feminine Beauty - Soft, Curvy, Sexy

My last post was about my struggles to try to lose weight. I am confident that i will be able to do this and I wanted to share that even though I am determined to lose it, I need to say that I know that even though I am not a size 6, I am healthy and beautiful NOW just the way I am. I would also like to add that as many women go through, I gained weight because of the pill and I also quit smoking around that time, making weight loss even harder. But this post is dedicated to my appreciation of women who are beautiful and still alluring and sexy at a size 14 or 16. I really despise our country's use of the term "plus size". This is just adding to the feelings of shame or self loathing that bigger girls may feel about themselves. This is just so insane and crazy. The average woman in America is a size 12-14. So that should be called "NORMAL SIZE" or "Average size". Every store should have a wider selection of sizes for women to buy. Not "special stores" that we have to go to. Or the "Plus size" section of the store. If you look at history you will see that in art women's bodies were revered as beautiful and they WERE NOT skinny stick figures who looked more like 12 year old boys!! They had curves and yes stomachs!! There is a website dedicated to this idea that can say it more eloquently than I can. Its called the Judgement of Please check it out. It did wonders for my self esteem a few years ago when I was really feeling down on myself about my weight and my size. I still managed to land myself a gorgeous husband and I am a lot happier loving myself the way I am RIGHT NOW!
So to hell with the EVIL machine that makes us all think we aren't pretty and thin enough. You are beautiful now and always! I will add picutres to another post of some of my favorite shots of "plus size" models from Judgement of

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