Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm baaaaaaccckkkk...

So I can't believe I actually deleted my old blog, but as my ranting would have shown that i was a disgrunted government employee. I am now a much happier, much more grateful government employee. I have been thru the best day of my life recently and some of my scariest and darkest too. I was so miserable at my last job, I broke out attempted to become an acupuncturist and am now in my new job. I also got married to the love of my life in paradise aka Hawaii and I hope I can go back soon. I would like to travel somewhere else, we would love to go to Italy next, but that flight is 21 hours..huh? We barely survived our 10 hour flight.
Life has taken some major changes in the last year. We moved into our first house together, even though we are just renting, its a HOUSE and we don't have anyone living above us or below us. Thank GOD for getting out of our last place with DMX below us!
I am happy and so thankful and grateful for what I have!

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