Thursday, July 22, 2010

I feel disconnected to everything but a computer

Is technology ruining our ability to have meaningful one on one time with people we love? I say hell yes. Just look around you when you walk down the street, everyone is busy staring at their phones or texting and actually walking right into you. I sit here typing away on my blog and I feel lonely doing it. I don't think most of my friends read my blog and for those that have thanks but the point is that I am sitting at my desk typing about how I feel about life. Not talking to someone, connecting to them watching their facial expression and lauging with them about it. I am having a relationship with a machine! It really bothers me when friends of mine opt to text all the time instead of call and I have been guilty of it too. I have texted or emailed when I had to get a lot done in a hurry. But is that meaningful communication. Do you ever sit around and reminsce about the most romantic email or text you got? No, because its impersonal and cold and often messages are misunderstoon or misconstrued in this way. We are social creatures who depend on love and communication and time with one another face to face, experiencing the ups and downs of life together. Life is not facebook!! I talk to some of my friends only on facebook, that is not how I would like it to be. I want to see them and go out with them - real life time with them. Reading A New Earth really "woke me up" to appreciate the present moment and enjoy life and what is happening right now. But as I thought about the lessons learned from it, i realize that we are "unconscious" in our dependancy and addiction to technology and it can be just as descructive and harmful!!
For the past week or so, we have been waiting for our thrid adapter to come in the mail so we have been unable to use the internet at home. As much as it drove me crazy when i needed it for directions when I was lost (see previous post) I know that I don't need to be playing on Facebook or writing emails to people I could call or spend time with. I am not just complaining about everyone else either. I use technology and depend on it and am addicted to it too! I freaking met my husband online!! So I thank technology for that way of connecting to the world, but I need to pause and reflect on what is happening to US ALL, what is happening to the world. I feel sometimes so empty after spending 8 long hours typing away in a cubicle - closed off from others - I feel like a robot, I don't feel fulfilled and happy after spending some much time on computers at all, i feel tired, sad and I want to see people I love and laugh with them and hear them laugh and physically see them laugh and feel them laugh with me. That is joy!!! Let us not forget how to have normal, healthy social skills to build healthy, joy producing relationships!!

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  1. it's crazy how much i think most of us depend on our technology for our social interactions now. i miss seeing people face to face too. but sometimes, the computer's the only link i've got to the world & i'm grateful for it.
    i just stumbled across you today.
    i'm sherilin, nice to meet you. =)