Friday, August 6, 2010

Mo' Gadgets, Mo' Distraction, Mo' Money down the drain!

So this post is a continuation of the last one about feeling like I am chained to my computer. If you have read all of my posts you know that early last month I got lost in Chevy Chase/DC due to a detour creating by the police blocking off East West Highway. This led me to purchase my GPS. So I put it in the car this morning and I think, I will probably not need to use this that much. I do have a bridal shower to go to on Sunday in the dreaded DC and I hope that my GPS will aid me along the journey. I did however find myself staring at the GPS and feeling like it was "neat" and "cool" distracting me from the road. Also, while driving it slid off my dashboard causing the windshield wipers to go on full blast. I could probably just get by with my trusty mapquest directions but I am sure I will need it one day when I am lost. And I hate nothing more than being lost!
The most infuriating thing that has happened again is that we have lost another adapter for our stupid Dell laptop. We have gotten 3 replacements and they all stop working after a very short time. I think its our computer. Joe thinks it might be the outlet which requires the light to be on for the computer to charge. I just want to throw my hands up and succumb to purchasing a mac which i have heard is much better because they don't get viruses. It seems like Joe and I always have a virus or what seems to be one. I have had it with technology!! I want to stop wasting so much money on it but I am addicted to the internet. Joe and I in our old age love to look anything up that we can't remember like what other movies a certain actor is from, etc. In fact last night in all my rage and fury, I said to Joe that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different result (hence us buying yet ANOTHER adapter when we know its just going to stop working AGAIN). Then I asked Joe who said that and he said Einstien, but I couldn't look it up because I couldn't use the computer and I couldn't order a new computer because I couldn't use the one we have!! Insanity I tell you!! Isn't there more to life then all of this? We need to save every penny for the house we can't afford to buy, so for now I will sit back and wait for our 3rd or 4th adapter to come and be mad about the money we are wasting paying for internet service we can't use.. AGAIN! So frustrating!!

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