Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tell me

I haven't written poetry in a long time. I just got inspired to write something for my nieces and nephews cause I love them and they are the closest thing to children I have so far. This is for Jessica, Ryan, Aiden and Faith:

Here is goes: Its called "Tell me"

Tell me about your deepest fears
Even things you think I don't want to hear
Tell me about all your hopes and dreams
Tell me about the things that make you want to scream
Tell me about your secret crush
All the things that make you blush
Tell me about your daily ups and downs
The things that make you smile, that make you frown
Tell me whats your favorite movie and favorite song
Tell me what you think is right and what is wrong
I want us to have late night chats one on one
Cause spending time with you is always fun
So Tell me all the things that break your heart
Don't leave anything out, not one single part
Tell me the things that make you swoon
Tell me later or tell me soon
But tell me everything about what makes you, you
because i want to know all the old and all the new
Because I love you so much today and always
Because I want to know everything about you, inside and out, up, down and sideways

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