Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stink bugs and other pesky disturbances!

Ok so this post is going to be funny and an angry rant all wrapped up into one! My lovely husband and I have been battling the stink bugs in our hous for some time, but this weekend we realized how severe the problem had become. We were getting ready to go to my friend's birthday celebration and I told Joe that there were some in the bedroom and to do the usual "curtain check". My husband has a sly method of letting them crawl onto an envelope and then he runs downstairs and tosses them out the front door. This can prove to be time consuming because this f-ers fly and so you have to be cunning and swift with your disposal methods. Well, I told him to take the curtains off the hooks and when he did this, he got a better look at the window which showed that 20-30 of them had set up camp in between our inner and outer bedroom window just waiting to get in. We know you aren't supposed to swish the f-ers cause they will release the stink so we were trying to get them out without smushing them. So I proceed to go downstairs and get on the internet and try to find a good way to get them out, mean while my husband is still frantically running up and down the stairs taking one out at a time. Finally I ran up and brought many food containers so that he could trap many at a time and then throw them outside. Then I suggest we get the vacuum cleaner and suck them up into oblivion and he thought that was a great idea, so while he is upstairs I read on the internet, "do NOT vacuum them or they will release the stink" So I scream STOP!! NOOO STOP!! STOP SHUT IT OFF!! But my husband can't hear me over the Hoover so I have to run up the stairs flailing and screaming...Whew! What a freaking mess, so now we still have a few that we think are getting in but most of them are gone..Usually its the constant battle against the spiders which is always so horrible and terrifying, who knew but at our house its always an adventure in the wild jungle woods of Columbia.

And to add to my rant, my stupid neighbor that I have complained of before drove me to the breaking point last night. She is CONSTANTLY on her cell phone. She talks on it incessantly - I have rarely seen her NOT on it and we can hear her talking on the phone when she is at home, ALL THE TIME!! Which sucks because we were so happy to finally move into a house, no one above us, no one under us, but we knew that we mught still be able to hear our neighbors through the tinder box walls. Well, we can, but the worst is when she is outside on the phone. During these last few weeks when it has been much cooler out, she has taken up the habit of talking on the phone outside at 2AM!!! This is because she works at night (nurse). So last night's sleep was again disturbed by her constant rambling and blabbing and I really need to know....WHO IS SHE TALKING TO?? And how are they always available to talk for hours and hours and do they also work at night because they have to be able to talk all night long while she is keeping me AWAKE!!! And there are so many other things about this person, she never cleans up the trash in her yard, for about a week or more there have been like 12 cigarette butts on her walk way and she never cleans it up! EVER!! DISGUSTING!! And listen people, I used to be a smoker so I understand, but I am not a smoker anymore and when she smokes inside her house it makes its way through our water heater closet into our house and I can't stand that either. So this all just adds to my strong need to buy a house and move again for the 4th billionth time. Lord, help me!

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