Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where is the Jetson World??

A good friend suggested I write this post, the other day i was making a joke about the tiresome battle of traffic and getting to and from work everyday. I know people might suggest that I move closer to my job, but there are a million reason I can't do that. I just started this job about 6 months ago. I work in Bethesda and my husband works in Hunt Valley. Two cities very far from one another so we live in the middle and I love Columbia. It has the stores and restaurants I want, the beautiful gorgeous lakes, the paths through woods, 23 different public swimming pools, tennis courts, Putt Putt, you name it and the Columbia Association has put it in the community. So for now, I have to face this treacherous commute and all the frustrations, near death experiences, rage and raised blood pressure that it brings! But as I was emailing with said good friend, I pointed out that as a child of the 80s and watching the Jetsons, I was lead to believe that this is what the future would look like!! Other movies also led us to think we would live in some sort of fascinating, high powered technological super-city with FLYING CARS or even maybe flying skateboards or at least a damn jet pack!! In the movie the Fifth Element, this was shown quite clearly - there were flying cars everywhere, I won't even go as far as Star Wars and all of that futuristic insanity. Back to the Jetsons, I need a robot maid like Rosie to take care of my house while I am at work and I would like to go in a tube to work (is that what happened??), well anyway like I said, I am not asking for the impossible like "teleporting" from Star Trek, even though that would be the most convienent. I just want what I thought was coming in the future. I need to fly above these people who cause me so much angst and fury every day. And it would be fun to fly around, after getting to work maybe I could take a break and fly on over to the Starbucks in the sky or fly on over to Subway in the sky for lunch. Come on all you smarty pants engineers and techy freaks, lets get to work and take us into a very time efficient and exciting and lets not forget FUN FUTURE!!

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