Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 days of Me - Day 1

Hi All, I think I have a new follower and to everyone who reads, officially following or not, I thank you and you motivate me to keep writing for your entertainment and mine. Thanks!
Now I will begin my new Blog challenge. 30 Days of Me- Day 1: Recent Picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself. I can't post a recent picture on this post (doesn't work on this computer) but a few posts ago I put up a ton of pictures and the most recent one from our trip to the B&B in Lewes, DE. So there I am in the hammock, enjoying time off with my baby.

Here are 15 surprising, shocking, scandalous and juicy facts about me

1) I don't have my ears pierced, I just never did it and now I just don't really want to, also funny and weird, my mother and Grandma never pierced theirs either but both my sisters did (and everyone else in the free world). My husband has 3 ear piercings I think and I have none!

2) My favorite movie is Raising Arizona and the chase scene in it will always be one of the funniest sequences of any movie ever made in my humble opinion. I love so much about that movie, one very funny quote from that sequence, "Son you got a panty on your head!" - Just cracked up typing that

3) My first concert was George Michael and the album was "Listen Without Prejudice" and I went with Bethany Brown and her older brother Nathan took us, we had a lot of fun rocking out to "Freedom"- so much fun!

4) I can't eat asparagus, I have never officially been diagnosed with being allergic to it but I have the overwhelming urge to throw up every time I try to eat it. And I have tried many times because everyone keeps telling me how great it is!

5) I loved being a child in the 80s so much, I loved everything the music, the movies and the sense that everyone was a lot happier or was that because I was a kid?

6) I am an artist, I come from a family of crazy talented artists and this has been such a blessing and also a heart breaking reality that you can't just sit around in a studio some where and make pretty pictures and get paid a decent salary, well for most people that isn't reality. Art is so important and it has saved my life many times.

7) I am a Scorpio and yes what you have heard is true. We are intense, passionate, FABULOUS lovers and quick to anger (I am working on that last one).

8) I love to make other people laugh. That is a big reason I write this blog and tell funny stories because it really does bring so much joy to watch other people laugh. It feels great and I have been addicted since I was very small. Being funny is a gift and my sense of humor has also saved me from many hard times and struggles.

9) I have been in many different places in the United States, including Hawaii, but I have never left the country. That is a goal of mine and my husband and I want to go to Europe so bad but we are also planning for a child so...

10) I took French for years and years in school but I can't really speak or write it much which is sad, but as they say if you don't use it you lose it and I know that if my husband and I went to French they would laugh at our terrible pronounciations and plus they hate us anyway!! Should have taken Spanish!

11) I am the only one in my immediate family with straight blonde hair and blue eyes and when I was little my sister's would tease me and tell me that I was the "Milkman baby". They shouldn't have done that because I believed that I didn't belong and sometimes I would get so terrified that my Mom was going to take off her mask and be a bad stranger! oh and I have a very vivid imagination too! Haha

12) I never learned how to play chess and I would like to learn

13) I am neither a country mouse or a city mouse, I truly am a suburb mouse!! I don't like feeling like I am in the middle of nowhere with tumble weeds rolling by, but I also hate the grimy, dirty, crowded, concrete feel of the city. And I HATE to be rushed! That is why I love Columbia, because I can drive to the city to do something fun but where i live there are trees and grass and lakes (even if they were put there by men!)

14) I am a tomboy through and through. I like to be girly sometimes when it suits me. But you will never find me in a nail salon or wearing pink frilly skirts. When I was in elementary school I kept it a secret that my favorite show was He-Man and I liked transformers just as much as barbies. Barbies were pretty boring in fact. I don't like fashion, I think its all so superficial, materialistic and silly. Who cares. But thats just me!

15) My favorite thing is to be cozy on the couch under my snuggly blanket with a nice cup of tea and maybe a good show or a good book. I also love to be in bed and sleep, I really NEED my sleep and I am so scared to live without it soon when we have the baby!

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  1. You would look gorgeous with some nice diamond studs in your ear though and hows about the snuggly blanket part, you like being under that thang by yourself?