Friday, October 15, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 11

Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends

I have been on a Halloween obsessed kick for awhile now. I have been putting a new Halloween inspired picture up on my facebook page every few days. I was looking at Peanuts Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown pictures last night and I became nostalgic about my childhood trick or treating with my friends in the neighborhood. Ahhh the 80s, so fun, so much freaking FUN!! So I decided to include a picture of my childhood friends from my elementary school. Featured in this picture is the same friend, Bethany, who was in my last post "picture of you and your friends" who I have been friends with ever since! 27 years! That is impressive! Also included in this special picture is my best friend, Niccole who I lost when I was 14. I miss her dearly. We were all dressed up for the talent show, we danced to Rock Around the Clock so that is why we are dressed in 50s Sock Hop clothes (except for Tamara who was an amazing gymnast). It was a lot of fun! I remember practicing for it at Bethany's house after school too. Love you girls...

From top left : Kristina, Felicia, Sara, Jessica, Me, Melissa, Niccole, Kathy
Botttom Left : Meg, Bethany, Claudia, Tamara, Rachael

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