Saturday, October 16, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 12

Day 12 - How you found out about blogger and why you have one

This will be a short one because well, there isn't much to tell and because I am going to have a busy weekend. To show how dedicated I am to this blogging process and this challenge, I spent the last hour or two trying to find a great picture of my entire extended family for the future "picture of you and your family". My wonderful tech savvy cousin, Bill creates a super awesome DVD every year complete with pictures and video even Audio to go along with it all. But I couldn't figure out how to stop the pictures to be able to save one to the desktop to put it on my blog. So frustrating not understanding technology, but I will figure out how to include some great and recent pictures of my family but we won't all be together in one shot.
I found out about blogger from other friends who had started their own blogs and became interested and intrigued. I love to write and like I have said many times already in this 30 day challenge, I love to share funny stories about my life with my friends. I can remember back to the days of my freshman year in old C-6 and a big group of my new friends would gather round to listen to me tell a story. I couldn't have been happier, it showed me that they thought I was funny and that they really wanted to hear what I had to say, that is such an incredible feeling. Thanks to all those girls who made me feel loved in so many ways. Now I can use my blog to share pictures and stories with my friends while at the same time, allowing myself to express all this stuff inside me in a creative and hopefully humorous way.

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  1. At least you didn't have to do like the Nard Dog and bribe people with piping hot pizza to get them to listen to your story!!!