Saturday, October 23, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 19

Day 19 - Nicknames you have and why you have them

I already explained why I created the name JD racecar, so I will try to think of other silly nicknames or names that people call me. When I was growing up people sometimes called me Juice I guess cause its close to Joyce, I didn't mind that one except that it when typing this it reminded me of OJ Simpson and I do not want to be tied in anyway to that guy!
When I began dating my husband he put in his phone "the doctor" or Dr. Joyce - I am still not sure why, I think because of Doctor Joyce Brothers. I think that is funny but he never calls me that he just uses it for email name and cell phone purposes.
My mom called me Joy and some people at work call me Joy but I prefer Joyce.
People always call me Joycie which is kind of cute
My husband has all sorts of weird names for me, he calls Joycie Botwin (Weeds reference)
I used to have some funny names that I made up for myself that weren't very nice, but as long as I was making fun of myself it was okay. They included such treasures as Jiggly White Girl and Boobs McGee and I always felt a very strong connection to Boobarella from the Simpsons.
Not big on nicknames, but I will end with a funny one from freshman year of college, a few friends and I went to some frat party and there was a guy there I was talking to for awhile, I am not sure if he was the least bit interested in me at all, but we were having a meaningless, probably drunk conversation about working out. I am not athletic or muscular or even in shape. Whatever the hell we were talking about he started commenting to all my friends that I was pretty "buff", He kept turning to my friends and saying "Joyce is pretty Buff!!!" Who knows why he was saying this insanity that night. The next day my friends found that Altoids ad with the bodybuilder and made a sign for my door that said, "BUFF JOYCE!" on it. Pretty silly!

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