Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 2

Day 2: The meaning behond your blog name.
This has two parts. First why I call myself Jdracecar and the next is the title of my blog.
I thought up the cool and slick name of JDracecar a few years back. I was hanging out with Beth and Rob I think, and I said that if I had to choose a cool last name to replace mine, at the time Herron, it would be something cool like Racecar. I had never liked my maiden last name, Herron, people always mispronounced it. They called me Ms. HER-NON, (huh?) do you see a NON at the end of that name? Or they said HER-RON, its pronounced Hair-on, like the bird Blue Heron, like the name Erin with a H at the front. Its not that hard to get right. I just never really liked it. So one day I saw a Simpsons episode where Homer changes his name to Max Power and I referenced this when I told them that my alter ego name was JDracecar. The JD is waaay cooler than Joyce. Its my initials - for Joyce Danielle. And the racecar speaks for itself, its fast, flashy and full of power and speed! Its all very silly, but it stuck and I have heard that Rob still refers to me as simply Racecar. And I like that!
The second part is my blog name. I actually started writing a blog last year while at the FTC and I had to erase it when I was trying to get this job that I have now. Stupid big brother. I can't remember what that one was called but this one started off being the Life and funny times. That wasn't a good or catchy title. I recently saw that someone else called their blog the Life and times of the Johnson family, so I knew I needed a new name. So I went about trying to find the best name for my blog. I asked my witty husband to assist me because he is very talented in the art of what he calls "twisted tunes" - changing the lyrics of a song to make it funny. I thought that would be perfect the title of a song changed to something funny, but I finally decided to instead use a popular tv show "Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia" I thought this was a good choice because it is crass, sarcastic and funny all at the same time. But before settling on "ITs Always Funnny in Colum-bubble" I had some other contenders. Side note, Colum-bubble is what call Columbia because its our little joke that nothing bad happens in our beautiful little suburb of Colubia. This isn't true of course but I found out that Rob and his friends who actually grew up in Columbia have been calling it Colum-bubble or "the Bubble" for years.
So here were the others that didn't win:
1) Literary Hilarity
2) Clarity through Hilarity
3) Hilarious Tales and other deep thoughts
4) Poignant Ponderings and funny stories
5) Jdracecar - Speeding toward insanity
6) Guaranteed to make you Laugh
7) Hilarious Disclosure

It was tough to settle on a name becaue while my goal is to always get a good laugh, I can't always write about funny stuff because life does have serious or sad times too. That is why "It's Always FUNNY.." works out to be the best!

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