Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 22

Day 22 - What makes you different from everyone else

First of all I have to say a big THANKS FELICIA for following!! Love you! I am up to 15!
I realize that I may be repeating a few thing from Day 1's 15 interesting facts about me.

1) I was born on the November 12th, the Day of Sensual Charisma! I love that (its from the book The Secret Language of Birthdays)
2) I don't have my ears pierced
3) I LOVE MERMAIDS!! (that is why I have a picture of a mermaid for my blog picture. My niece called them mer-beds when she was little, and we tried to correct her but for the longest time she still said mer-bed. It stuck becuase it was so funny
4) I am a great communicator
5) I am very passionate
6) I love James Dean and other things from the 50s-60s. When I was in highschool I wrote a poem about a picture of James Dean and this girl in my class didn't know who he was! I was shocked, I thought he was as famous as Marilyn Monroe, I think he is, but kids these days...
7) I can draw really well and I love to take pictures of beautiful things and people I love
8) My obession and deep love of all things funny and my sense of humor, I think sets me apart, and is the thing that keeps me going when it seems like all hope is lost. I love making other people laugh.
9) I love the color red
10) When I was little I loved animals so much that I thought I wanted to be a Zoologist, someone who studies animals. I thought I might be like Jane Goodall, in college I started off with the goal to major in life sciences. After attempting college level chemistry, I found out that that was not going to happen!! I would come home from that class and act out how disasterous and hilarious the lab had been for my friends in my dorm. I keep referencing freshman year of college in C6, I think that is because I loved my new audience so much!! Thanks again and again girls!

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