Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 24

Day 24 - a letter to your parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

This is going to be a letter of gratitude and reflection. I write this ironically enough, on my parents anniversary. I commend you for staying together for 40+ years, through it all.

Mom, thanks for being such a good Mommy. For all the encouragement and hugs and all the unconditional love. I thought that I couldn't live without you when I was little. I had some major attachment issues. I thought as long as you were there that everything would be okay. I had to grow up and learn how to live in the world without you always around. Thank you so much for loving me so much. Telling me I was beautiful and smart and funny. Thank you for being so sympathetic when I was hurting and in pain. Thank you for making dinner every night and making sure we were heatlhy. I know that my deep love and compassion I get from you. I remember we were on a train going to Boston and I remember that there was a stranger who was really upset and crying. You hugged them and held them and when you came back to our seat I asked you what the problem was and you said that they had just found out that their mother had died. I hope that I can be this loving to others everyday. I try to be. Thanks for telling me to believe in myself and think positively and to try my best. Thanks for being fun and silly with us when we were kids. I remember laying opposite and playing the "chin game" where we would look at our chins upside down like they were the face. We could do this for like an hour just cracking up and laughing. Thank you so much for reading to me all the time. I remember all the countless books and how I loved to listen to you and look at the pictures. Especially our favorite, my favorite children's book, The Maggie B.! Thank you for giving me my love of nature. Thanks for teaching me about art and giving me my artistic abilities. For driving us around, for listening, for being there, buying me clothes, taking me to the doctors, taking care of me when I was sick, giving me so much comfort,  for PAYING ATTENTION and CARING SO DEEPLY about me!! Thank you for EVERYTHING, for raising three crazy girls and putting up with all of our stuff. I know that was hard and exhausting!

Dad, thanks for always knowing how to fix things! Its been really hard to be on my own and not have you around when my car breaks or my toliet breaks or the kitchen sink or the toaster, the WHATEVER is always breaking down or needs a part and I don't know how to do it! Thanks for helping me with my dreaded math homework.  Even in college, when I had to move home and finish my degree, you would stay up and help me with Statistics which was a nightmare! Thanks for teaching me about the world and the universe, about how things work. I would take your National Geographics and gain a lot of knowledge and inspiration about the vastness of the world and the universe. Thanks also for sharing your love for nature. You and Mom always had a heathly garden and you would be out there working so hard, cutting the grass and growing beautiful flowers as well as vegetables and herbs. It wasn't taken for granted. Thanks for being the provider and for managing to raise three girls on one salary for all those years! Wow, that I know was hard and exhausting as well.  I know that I have learned discipline, determination and my more pragmatic and practical side from you. Thanks for teaching me games and playing them with me. Its funny that you are playing these same games with your grandchildren. I learned most of my card games from you. It was fun to do the "mini page" with you and try to find all the hidden items. Thank you for being there, paying for everything that I couldn't like when I crashed the car when I was in highschool, helping me pay for college, for guiding me, washing the cars, telling me corny jokes, being proud of my good grades, telling me I was smart. Thank you for EVERYTHING too.

Our parents give us everything they have and put our happiness before their own. We can't thank them enough and words can't express how much we love them and appreciate them.

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  1. awwwwww you brought a total tear to my eye... that is just the loveliest letter!