Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 9

Day 9 - Something you're proud of in the past few days

I am proud of a few things in the past few days. I am proud that I got through my last 2,000 page case and now am starting on my new 2,000 page case! I am proud of not gaining any weight even though my body refuses to lose more at the moment! I am proud of myself for trying to keep it all together and be the "cruise director" of my household and maintain some sort of order and sanity. But most fitting to this 30 Days of me is...of course...MY BLOG and my NEW FOLLOWERS!! Thank you everyone who signed up to follow me and who read my posts day in and day out or week to week or whenever you can. Thank you to all of you who read and don't want to officially follow but that let me know that you have been reading because that means that you care and that you are interested. I am writing all of this for myself, as a cathartic means of "getting it out" into words and releasing all my emotions, angst, fear, excitement, anger, love - all of me. But I am also writing it for you, to make you laugh, to share my life and so you can relate to someone else out there trying to make it in this world. I love you my readers and followers! I need more so I will not stop shamelessly plugging my blog on facebook and asking for more!
Special thanks to :
Kate @
SND (newest!!)
Ciara (2nd newest!!)
and of course my biggest supporter and cutest (sorry I'm biased) Joseph
All of you inspire me to keep doing one thing that I love and enjoy which is to write - 10 followers!! Can't wait until I hit 20! So exciting!
Its always such a shock and pleasant suprise when I see I have a new follower!
And...I just got one - thanks Ciara! Yay up to 11!


  1. Hey! Where can I sign on?

  2. Quit sailing our ship into the iceberg!!!

  3. Berdina - I think all you need is a google account and then just go to the upper right hand corner of my blog and click on follow and then you will be an official follower! Yay!