Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wear Purple Day

I wanted to make an additioinal post today about wearing purple in memory of the recent suicides of young gay men who were suffering from abuse. This issue is very important to me, not just because it deal with sucidie but because it deals with the abuse of so many young people that disgusts me. I remember how much I hated feeling bullied by ignorant kids, I wanted them all to disappear but they don't they are out there and unfortunately most of them grow up into ignorant adults. I hope that young people realize there ARE good people out there that love them and that it truly does "get better" after you survive school days. I hope that everyone shows their love, respect and understanding for those who may feel so hurt, alone and generally beaten down. I didn't even have a purple shirt or sweater, but I went out on Monday night and bought a few purple things. I always need to add to my wardrobe anyway, but I felt that strongly by what happened. I am so sorry that those boys were treated with such hate, disrespect and evil. Here's to hope and love and a better tomorrow.!/event.php?eid=122462384475928

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