Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Blowout!!

I had a GREAT, SUPERB, FABULOUS and FANTASTIC four day birthday weekend. It started off Thursday, I ran errands and went to the Salon. I loved my hair and took pictures. I was proud of my dye job that I did myself, my hair stylist asked if it was my natural color. We enjoyed a bottle of wine that my awesome co-worker got for me. It was this amazing bottle of red wine, Cagnina, and it was sweet. Joe and I usually don't drink red wine because we don't like dry wine but this stuff was delicious!! Thursday night Joe comes home banging on the door and I get up all annoyed like what??! He was standing in the doorway with a huge bouquet of flowers and a carrot cupcake with a candle in it lit for me. Isn't he the greatest? Yeah, I know. He let me open my presents that night. I was too excited. He gave me the cutest card I think I have ever seen, an Itunes card, and a necklace that I really, really wanted. Thank you Joe for being so thoughtful and generous and for making every birthday so awesome! Then on Friday, Joe and I went to the Norman Rockwell exhibit in DC and had a lot of fun (see previous post). Saturday was the big party day at Nottinghams, a bar in Colum-bubble. Thank you to all my friends who came out: Paul, Sally, Bethany, Felicia, Rob and Maria. You guys made the evening so fun and special for me. A band called "The Lloyd Dobbler Effect" was playing and they did thier own songs plus 80s covers as well. My favorite part was dancing to Aha's "Take on Me" on my my most favorite 80s songs! Even though I stuck to my "no shots" rule I was plenty drunk and plenty hung over on Sunday. But that is ok cause my wonderful husband took care of me as always. Its so fun to feel like you are the center of all of that attention and love. Thank you to all of my friends on facebook who posted a Happy Birthday messages. And to everyone who called and sang Happy Birthday over the phone, or sent cards, thank you for sending your love too!! It felt pretty good to turn 33!

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