Friday, November 5, 2010

Close Call on First Valentine's Day

I am excited to be done with the 30 Days of Me and back to funny stories about the blunders, bumbles and general dysfunctions of my daily life. I have a little story to share with you about a magical Valentines date some years ago that suddenly turned into potential disaster!
Joe and I had only been together since January of 07 and we were so in love!! We were at that place where you think about that person all day and you are so excited to see them. The happiness meter was waaay off the charts. So we got together on this Valentine's day and it was had snowed and there was plenty on the ground. I think it was a week day and we were both off from work. Double the fun. We exchanged our many gifts to eachother. He got me so many nice things, I was overwhelmed. There was love coming out of every pore, it was a love fest!! So later on that night we decided to go get food from a bar at that mall. They had this crab bread that we loved (they have since taken this off the menu and we don't go there anymore!)
I was very frightened for Joe to drive in all the snow. We got in the car together to go get it. It was a pretty treacherous drive. There was a block of ice trapped underneath Joe's car and it was making a terrible noise as it dragged along the road. Through of the this we made it there and back with the food. We come back inside and in all my love drunkness I make a really stupid moron move. I don't know why I did this. I usually do not make stupid moron moves. But I put the crab bread in the oven IN THE CONTAINER!! I guess I thought that since I put the oven at such a low tempature it would be ok. Well when I went to open it up there was THE F*CKING FIRE!! I screamed JOE!! JOE HELP!! Joe goes to grab something to get it out so he can put it out. I (again stupidly) throw water on it and the flames get higher and stronger and come within centimeters of my hair!!! It could have been a Michael Jackson- Pepsi commercial incident! Joe used the broom handle to get it out and threw something over it putting out the flames. THANK GOD he saved the day. In all my panic and madness I start to beg Joe not to leave me and promise repeatedly that I have never done something so idiotic in all my life. Then the m-fing fire alarm starts going off!!!! I scream oh no!! I am so sorry!! I didn't mean for any of this to happen! I have RUINED Valentine's Day!!
Joe reassured me that he was not leaving me. The fire department didn't come out, Thank goodness! That particular apartment had also been victim to a fire before I had moved in. Maybe it was haunted and the ghost MADE me do something that asinine as to put a container in the oven that would catch on fire!!
I am so thankful that neither of us was hurt! I am so glad that I wasn't the cause of the entire building burning down! I am so glad my quick thinking now-Husband is so amazing and saved us!! And I am very glad to report that the only thing still burning is our love! haha Oh and we still have the same broom with the burnt handle to remind us of the fateful day! I love you Joe, you are the best Valentine of a lifetime I could ever ask for!

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