Sunday, November 14, 2010

An American Treasure : Norman Rockwell

As part of my four day birthday weekend, I took my husband to the Norman Rockwell Exhibit in DC. Steven Speilberg and George Lucas donated their personal collections to the Smithsonian. I grew up in a family of artists and my parents loved him as most of America does. I have a couple of books of his work and I have the painting, Springtime hanging up in the house. I love the way he shows the character's tenderness, their heart and innocence. His work spanned several decades and he is truly an American treasure, a true Master, a legend and an icon. I especially love his painting called The Mermaid, which portrays a fisherman is carrying a cage with a mermaid in it. Its so sweet and endearing just as all his paintings are. Joe had a really good time too. I am glad we can enjoy simple things like this together and its free! So a huge Thank You to you Norman Rockwell. Your art makes my heart smile, it inspires me and simply makes me happy. Thank you for all of your countless works of art that contributed so much to our country.  You sir are amazing!!!

                                                   The Mermaid
Santa with his elves
                                                  Puppy Love
The Flirt
Going and Coming
High Dive


  1. these were really great, thanks for the experience!

  2. You're very welcome and I love you! :)