Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love fall and all its glory!

Today is a post about the beauty and wonder of this magical season of fall! But first I discovered today that I have 17 followers!! YIPEEE!!  A very special thanks to my newest readers Average Girl and LaughingMyAbsoff. You rock!

Fall is probably my favorite season. I love Halloween, the leavings changing, the brisk air (brisk, NOT cold!), Thanksgiving, and of course my birthday!! I will be the Double 3. But I embrace it, like a badge of honor that I have made it this far! Like I said earlier today on facebook, in all my wittiness, I will enjoy being 25 again and permanently!

Here are some pictures of my gorgeous surroundings at home in the Colum-bubble. There are pictures at Lake Elkhorn. Its getting too cold out now to go and walk around it, but I am SO lucky to live right around the corner from all this bliss. Enjoy!


  1. howdy & it's nice to meetcha! isn't it fun to get new followers?
    love the fall pics! i get all happy when the weather cools down so that i can wear more clothes. i do so love sweats & long sleeves.

  2. Its so nice to meet you too! I love wearing sweaters and warm clothes too!