Friday, December 17, 2010

First Snow Story and other debacles

So I know many friends who "love the snow" and think its so beautiful and pretty. I do too UNLESS I have to drive in it! Yesterday we had our first real snowfall of the season. For those of you who don't live in Maryland, you are so lucky to not have to have suffered through last winter's snow-acalypse. This is not an exaggeration or "being dramatic". We were pummeled with blizzard after blizzard, one right after the other dumping FEET and FEET of snow on our teeny little state. And our state CAN'T HANDLE that much snow! We don't have the resources, the trucks or the space to deal with that much snow. After going through it, I have since learned that in other states, they have special designated areas in parking lots where they pile up the mounds of white stuff. Well not here so it becomes an exhausting and dangerous game to try to drive around in it.
So I wake up and here we are going to get about an inch. I decide to go to work and if it started to snow and stick to the roads, I would just leave early. I am lucky to be able to do that. So I got to work and the snow started falling around 10 am, it wasn't hard snow, it was tiny little light snowflakes but it was so cold that it immediately started sticking to every frozen surface.
I put in my leave slip and was out of here by 11:15. The roads had not been treated yet and just the little bit that was out there was very treacherous. Also, on my lovely commute, I traverse many windy roads complete with steep hills which makes all of this more dangerous and ridiculous. I also pass over 3 or 4 bridges which is terrifying considering that they freeze first! So there I am on East-West Highway and I am watching in horror as this pick up truck is fish tailing in front of me. Then when I was closer to home on 29, cars were coming dangerously close to ramming into me, I was praying the whole time, "please just get me home safely". Then I came to the dreaded exit, its splits off into 2 directions and one direction ( the way I needed to go) hadn't been cleared or driven on, it was just a mass of white! So I decided to go out of my way and go towards the mall but this forced me to have to make a U-turn at the first light to go back in the correct direction. This is where I started screaming at other drivers who of course couldn't hear me and I end up looking like a deranged mental patient!! I hate driving in that crap!
So I finally make it home safely! Whew! This morning I had to get up and decide if I should brave the roads again and decided that they looked pretty good. I thought if I can just give myself a treat and go to Starbucks on my way to work. So when I am walking in I hold the door for this woman and she thanks me and tells me that I am very kind. I said oh your welcome. It was a very long line and the barista was asking what we wanted and I must not have appeared to be paying attention because when it was my turn to order, I felt this woman poke me in the back to the shoulder! WHHHHHAAAATT!!?? OH NO! This is NOT OK! This is not polite Starbucks etiquette!! And I was ready and I did call out my order when it was my turn! NO NEED FOR TOUCHING OF ANY KIND LADY!! Plus, I was really nice and held the door for you and now all I want to do is punch you in the face! I hope all of you don't think I am some violent maniac psychopath but around this time of year, when its cold, its the holidays and I just fought through "snow traffic", its not safe to assume that you can shove your finger into the back of my shoulder!! ARRRGGHH!!
Also, this morning, I gave my husband my last $5, so I knew when I got here I would have to use the ATM so that I could buy lunch at the "CASH ONLY" (so freaking annoying) cafeteria we have here in the building.  OF COURSE the ATM wasn't in service so I had to go to another building all the while battling throught the crowds of highschoolers who invade the area at lunch time. Then to my utter dismay, I look down and realize the glove that I just purchased amongst the insane Christmas crazy crowds, now have holes in the finger tips! HELP!! NOO!!! I just bought these damn gloves to replace the other ones from Target that had too many holes! I can't win for losing it seems! So I will just add it to my long list of purchases that I need to make this weekend. Sorry that I have been raging and venting so much lately. But its all funny and crazy and I am sure most of you are going through similar trials and tribulations during this lovely time of year!


  1. holes in the fingertips? that's crazy & annoying! oddly enough, gloves are about the only accessory that i seem to be able to keep track of and not break. i've had a pair of leather gloves that i bought when i was 15 and i still have them now & i'm 35.

  2. I have been buying those knit gloves that are only around $10, so I am going to "splurge" for some nice Isotnoer leather ones this time!! :)

  3. I go through several pairs of gloves a year because I lose them.
    I hate driving in the snow. Thankfully we don't get it very often in Memphis but none of know how to drive in it so it is worse