Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I know that most of you can relate to these kind of frustrations that I encountered today. I have already shared with you that the holidays can drive me crazy. But I am not the only one! A co-worker pointed out that people everywhere start to get a little crazy, whether it be on the road or in line at the store, or where ever they happen to be, they are being all types of extra strength crazy and they need to turn down the crazy!!! So I had a really rough day at work and I still needed to go get gas and pick up what I signed up to bring to the holiday party - a wing platter. I thought that would be a simple enough thing to bring. I wouldn't have to cook or bake anything. I thought I could go somewhere and get a reasonably priced platter.  I knew I didn't want to spend too much money or too much time. I called my wonderful husband and asked if he could try to get a platter from Sam's club near his work. I called Sam's club and a person who didn't speak english very well answered- I asked about wings or wing platters, I couldn't understand what the person said, but there was something about 53 dollars and 36 pounds! HUH? I was like, "Do you have any wing platters out on the floor?" I think he said they had some for $11 and there was only 16 wings or something. That didn't go well. Then my husband tells me a few days later that Sam's club doesn't sell wing platters anymore. WHAT?! So now I knew I would be forced to order one from Giant and their smallest one was $30! UGH! TOO MUCH!
So today was the day I needed to go pick them up, I am going to the light near my house and a dude drives right up on my ass almost crashes into the back of my car and then speeds around me and cuts me off. I was forced with rage to follow this a-hole all the way to the gas station where I got gas in the FREEZING, frigid air. Then I finally made it to Giant. I also needed to pick up honey, Q-tips and some Chapstick. I circled the tolietries aisle, once, twice, THRICE! No freaking Q-tips!! I also didn't see any regular Chapstick, I did see over priced Bonnie Bell lip smackers but not my trusty Chapstick. So I make my way with my honey to the dreaded deli counter to pick up my order of wings. This is where I encountered the two fools that sent me over the edge!! One was a woman who was about 3 feet tall, NOT a small person, just a miniature person, complete with high pitched whinny voice. The other was a middle aged man with a crazy winter hat with fur flaps. They are both carrying on and on talking to each other and working the young men behind the counter to death. The woman asked for liverwurst (DISGUSTING) and they were both buying several different meats and asking to sample them and then DISCUSSING how good they were. I wanted to scream, "This is not your personal tasting and sampling hour!!" Get your crap as fast as you can and move on!! Just when I thought that I couldn't wait any longer just to simply ASK if I can have my online order and go, they both start asking for the SODIUM CONTENT of one of the meats, really? REALLY PEOPLE? The young man working behind the counter had to go and find the huge slab of meat and tell them the exact amount of sodium. They wanted each meat they ordered sliced again, sliced thinner or weighed again. Then the mini woman asked to taste something else! I thought smoke would start coming from the sides of my head. Finally, the man customer thanked mini woman and went on his MERRY Christmas way. That freed up one Giant employee to be able to ask me what I needed. I finally got my hands on my $30 wings (by the way there are only 30 wings) so a total rip off. After paying for them, I had to use both hands to try to carry the platter and I dropped the honey and the top broke. What a disaster. But at least its over and now I can enjoy my work Christmas party tomorrow (we will see about that) maybe that will be a future post?
This is how I felt when I saw the two fools and knew it would be a good 10 minutes before they were finished with their deli party

Then I felt more like this when I realized they were just getting warmed up when I had arrived

Then it turned into this inner scream, "Get your crap and LEAVE please I need to pee and I can't stay here until CLOSING!!"

Then It turned into this look of sheer desperation and utter disbelief, I just couldn't believe they were still hanging around and what?! You want to "sample" something else, No! Just Go!!

This is why on my facebook page I added this funny picture of the Abominal Snowman from Rudolph and said simply, "Sometimes the holidays make me feel like THIS!"


  1. the world seems to be filled with people who just can't seem to turn their speed to one that matches ours. FAST!

  2. I feel the same way! I'm over it...Why do the holidays have to be stressful. :(