Monday, January 31, 2011

Interesting Award

I would like to thank for giving me this very interesting and fun award! Here is the deal I will tell all of you five facts about myself and one will by a lie and the other 4 will be true. This is sort of tough for me cause I am not very good at lying, and on top of that was raised a very good Catholic girl who thought I was suffer some atrocity if I did tell a lie. But ok, here goes...

1) I met and interviewed Tori Amos
2) I ran BUCK NAKED through the court yard outside my dorm freshman year of college
3) When I was a waitress, I did something "very bad" to a rude customer's food
4) I have traveled to 4 foreign countries so far
5) I lost my boss' wallet once and it had $500 bucks in it

I would like the following to take this magnificent award, place it carefully in their post and also join in the fun by following the same rules. You should thank the wonderful person who has forced you to tell lies. Write out four lies and one truth then pass it onto five other bloggers.

Bring the FUNNY!

"Bring it" "Oh its already  been BROUGHHTTEENN" - Quote from "Bring It On"
On Saturday I was doing my usual glamorous weekend activities, doing laundry, running erands and cleaning when I came across Stand Up Showdown 2011 on Comedy Central. As you may have figured out I love all things funny, especially comedians. I have been told all my life that I should do stand up. I am pretty funny in person, a lot of silly physical comedy accompanied with crazy faces and lots of loud screaming. Being funny, watching other funny people its one of my favorite things
So I immediately recognized the first comedian Myq Kaplan, from Last Comic Standing and I knew I liked him so I started watching. They had so many funny comedians on that day, most I have seen before, some I have only seen on their sitcoms like Donald Glover who is on that NBC show "Community". These comedians weren't just silly they also had smart writing and timing, really original material and delivery. After the severe pms that I have been suffering for over a week, this was just want I needed. Some of my favorites were Myq Kaplan, Tommy Johnagin, Amy Schumer, Donald Glover and my favorite comedian of the day, Red Grant. My husband and I first saw Red Grant a few years ago, and the first time we saw him we laughed so hard. This time may have been even funnier, I was laughing so hard the entire set. He is hysterical! Love him! So if you would like to check out these comedians on you tube or on Comedy Central I highly recommend them, you won't be disappointed!
I have decided to start doing movie reviews and book reviews as part of my blog and I will also continue to recommend great comics because it is one of my biggest passions. And who couldn't use a good laugh?

Red Grant

                                                                      Myq Kaplan
                                                                      Amy Schumer
                                                              Donald Glover
                                                        Tommy Johnagin

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Followers!

So Happy to Welcome my new readers!! I am up to 24!!! Now that I have exceeded my initial goal of 20 followers I can set my sights higher for 30? I am ready! Every time I see that little number go up it pushes me to Bring The Funny and motivates me to keep writing and taking pictures! Thanks readers for reading and commenting. As always, I thank my two newest readers and send a shout out to plug their blogs so you can check them out as well

Thanks Southhamsdarling my second reader from over seas, which is so incredibly cool!
And Thanks Empty Nest a fabulous woman with very funny posts

Happy reading and writing blog pals!

Correction: I just realized I have more than just 2 out of US readers, sorry ladies didn't mean to leave any one out! :)

Snow 2011

We got more snow last night and now my poor husband is out there trying to dig our cars out. This is the most that we have had this winter so far, now I am just hoping we can get through February! Yikes!
Here are some pictures

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pretty Pictures

Since I am home cause of the snow I have had time to post these recent pictures. Some of you aren't my friends on facebook you haven't seen these pictures. I love taking pictures and wish I did it enough to make this a photo blog, but I also love to write so it works out well. These are some recent snow pictures and the beautiful lilies my wonderful husband bought me. He brings me flowers often, I mean all the time which is always such a nice surprise and it is just one of the billions of things that makes him so amazing and so awesome! Thanks again babe! girl on tv once said, "Girls need flowers" I couldn't agree more! Especially when you have cabin fever and have the winter blues. I suffer from Seasonal depression or SAD. So its nice to have a little beauty and life and spring around the house. Thanks again babe!

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Incident

This is a special treat. One of my favorite stories about myself. A true classic. I promised myself if it snowed and I stayed home today that I would write this and share it with my favorite people in the world, my blog readers! It snowed and even though the federal government did not close ( pretty pissed) I stayed home because I do not drive in the snow. Its is also supposed to snow again tonight dumping another 4-8 inches so they might not get me tomorrow either.

So here it goes: I was over at my friend Bethany's house. I think we were in high school or maybe a little younger. I had come over and was sitting in the living room watching tv. We sat there and chatted for awhile and Bethany said that she needed to go upstairs. While I was alone, waiting, I noticed there was a package of chocolate chip cookies sitting on the table next to me. I waited for there for quite some time and when she returned she said, "Oh would you like some cookies, have some" I said, "oh no I can't, I am on a diet and I am trying to watch the sweets" She said, "ooookaaay" Then I turned my face and smiled at her. She immediately burst into hysterical laughter. I said, " What!??! What are you laughing at?" Between uncontrolled laughing and pointing she managed to say, "Your, yyyoour YyyyyoUR FACE!!" BAAHAHAHAHAHAH! After catching her breath she said, " You have chocolate all over your mouth and you just said oh no I couldn't have any cookies"
So needless to say, I was caught red-handed or chocolate-faced! This story is not a surprise to anyone who knows me well, every time I eat a chocolate Bon Bon from Trader Joes (which are absolutely delicious so get some!) I get chocolate in the corners of my mouth, every.single.time. I am also ashamed to admit that I normally look down after eating to my horror to find a sea of crumbs blanketing my shirt. I am messy, ok! I used to joke in college that the crumbs that landed on my extra large, mammoth boobies were "snacks for later" which friends found particularly hilarious.
So there it is the chocolate chip cookie incident. I hope you enjoyed and snickered at my sloppiness. Oooh now I want a Snickers!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cramped but Delightful

Over the weekend, Joe and I enjoyed our Date Night Out Part 2: The Free Feast. We were given a lovely prize at our favorite restaurant in good old Colum-bubble, the Iron Bridge Wine Company. Joe told me that he made the reservations for 6:30 and that they were booked up, I told him that I would rather not go when it is super crowded but he insisted that he didn't want to wait another week so I agreed. It was also one of the coldest nights of the year, I think it was 15 degreees out. Colder than a witches teet as they say. It was the kind of cold that paralyzes your muscles and is just down right painful. I hate the cold! But inside the restaurant it was toasty warm and well we were very close to one another! They have a long table in the middle of the dining room where they seat everyone together. It would be okay except that I am one of those claustrophobic people who needs a lot of room to feel comfortable and if I am enjoying a romantic date with my husband I want to be able to relax and have fun. So we are sitting there very close to other people and I wonder how our server is going to give us all this free food but our server pulled it off beautifully. The coat rack was piled so high we decided to sit on our coats which proved to be quite hard since the inside of my coat is slippery material so I had to try to sit very still not to slip off and take out a waiter with a full tray of food behind me. The funniest and cutest part of the entire evening was during dessert. Joe ordered the espresso torte with fresh raspberries and raspberry sauce. This place is very gourmet and everything was absolutely incredible. It was a tastebud-orgasm extravaganza!!! I looked over at my cute pie husband and saw that then entire bottom of his goatee was covered in whipped cream! I couldn't help but to burst out laughing! He furiously tried to get it off but it was still there! What an adorable guy I have!
It was nice because I always feel like we are still dating, I am sure other people thought we had just starting dating the way we were laughing, smiling, kissing, but we have been married over a year and have been together four years on Friday. I love you more and more my dear. You making loving so fun!!
This story has also reminded me of a very funny story from my past so that will proably be my next post. I look forward to sharing it with you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rudest City in America??!!

So this morning I was leisurely checking out the news on MSNBC and there was an article about the rudest cities in America. Baltimore was ranked # 7 and DC was up at # 5, the east coast had way too many in the top ten. I recently was discussing this problem with one of my friends and I admitted that DC is not the nicest or most friendly place on earth. I have realized this even more throughout my life when visiting other places and being shocked at how nice everyone was. I am very lucky that I live in a nice suburb "Colum-bubble" and most people are nice, but as soon as I make my grueling commute everyday toward DC the road rage and frustrations grow and so does the RUDENESS!!
Its more than just being rude, its about being un-friendly, selfish, catty, petty, cold and out right mean. The "middle" sections of this country are known for being filled with nice people and the south has all of their accolades of being sweet and hospitable and warm. For the most part I have seen that this holds true. Why does the east coast have to be so mean and rude?? What is up our bums? Of course New York has a reputation of having the rudest and nastiest of characters, this article said that Boston is a huge offender and they don't give hugs! Well I don't want to live in a place where there is no hugging! That is ridiculous!

Growing up near DC, I have always felt that there was a stand-offish air about people. People keep to themselves. If you go out to a bar in DC, it is rare that people who don't know eachother will be friendly and strike up a conversation. I have found in Baltimore that isn't the case, people are more willing to smile, engage you in conversation or even get funky on the dance floor with you if you are really drunk and there is music! I always felt that people were really judgemental in DC and cared way too much about what your status was, where you went to college, how many degrees you have and where you work, etc. People told me MANY, MANY times that I would be better suited to the west coast. I dreamed of living out there in my 20s and I really loved the culture and life style of Hawaii when we were there. Just seeing surfer girls carrying their boards walking by Starbucks was so refreshing and awesome. I like chill people, I like people who smile but most of all I like happy people who like to have a good time!

So as I was pondering all this rudeness and mean spirited-ness my cutie husband called to tell me that he was wrestling with the Christmas tree this morning. Let me preface this by saying that we didn't have a very big tree and it has been laying on our deck since the day after Christmas. I guess he managed to squeeze it in his truck and was thinking of putting it by the dumpster at the library across the street from our house. So as my Jewish husband ( poor thing shouldn't have to be doing this in the FIRST PLACE) is struggling with the tree, some VERY RUDE old lady starts yelling at him as she is going in the library, "Don't put leave your tree there, take it to the dump!" My husband in turn responded, "Shut up and mind your business dummy, I am trying to tye it down!!" He ended up shoving it back in the trunk and taking it elsewhere. But we don't have a good place to put it and it isn't very big, what were we supposed to do? Again that damn tree became a huge pain in the ass. But more importantly why do people feel that they need to scream at other people! I hate rude and mean people!
Yesterday in Giant there was a Mom and her kids blocking the aisle and so I begin going around them and at the same time coming toward me was a VERY RUDE lady obviously in a rush, she looked angerily at the situation and moved around me and at the same time I bumped into one of the young girls and i said "sorry" to the GIRL and NOT to the rudy, McRude pants. And what does she do? She screams, " That's ok!!! I will just walk alllll the waaay around!!" Wow. You had to walk around people at the grocery store, lady! Why are you freaking out about that? That is life, you rude, rude idiot!!

So I have had enough with rude, selfish people! They make me violently angry! I think everyone needs to B-R-E-A-T-H-E a little more and relax. I want to enjoy my life and have fun, so to all you rude people out there, STOP RUINING IT FOR ME!!!!! Thanks!

Here is the link to the article from MSNBC:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Second Snow/Ice Story and Date Night Out!!

I will start off with the nice and romantic part of the last two days and then onto the dangerous, treacherous part of today. Yesterday Joe and I went to our favorite restaurant Iron Bridge Wine Company. This place is so fabulous. Its a tiny little place we discovered in Columbia a few years ago. They have gourmet food that is so mouth wateringly delicious and decadent and they also have wines from all around the world on the shelves all around the restaurant. Its great! We love to sip wine out of those huge wine glasses and pretend we're rich! When we went on our date on Christmas Eve, we got a "red envelope". This is a prize they gave out and the way it works is that you have to bring it back during January or the first part of February UNOPENED and then you bring it back and claim your prize which could be anything from a free glass of wine to a free meal or free meals every month for a year!
So we get all pretty and smelling good and get in the car and of course we forgot our precious red envelope. So we had to go all the way back home and get it and then drive back to the restaurant. When we got there, our very nice waiter opened the envelope and we got a free meal which includes 2 free appetizers, 2 free entrees and 2 free desserts. Did I mention free!? Haha, we enjoy this place so much its so intimate, and cozy it has a pretty fireplace and after our meal we usually pick out a nice bottle of wine to take home. But we only go a few times a year, but now that we are getting a free meal we couldn't be more excited to keep going back. We decided to wait until next time to use our free meal since we weren't prepared to consume that much food last night. And its restaurant this week so we already had a deal for last night (which was burger night) with a burger and a glass of wine for $20.
Dinner was delicious and we can't wait to go back very soon and have our free feast! Yes! Iron Bridge, we love you.
Now onto other things that I don't love so much. Winter. Weather. Last night as we sat there with our round full bellies we looked out the window to discover that it had started snowing but this time it had the added bonus of a huge dose of freezing rain on top of the snow. This created a solid layer of ice that covered everything - the trees, the cars and especially every walk way and parking lot. Luckily the roads weren't that bad because they had pre-treated them before last night. But trying to get to the car was an adventure in and of itself. It was like a treacherous ice rink out there, you had to try VERY HARD not to fall on your ass! Then when you finally skated, slipped and prayed your way to your car and got most of the ice off of it you get on the road and everyone else has left most of the ice on the top of their car and on the hood and it is now flying up high in the air and crashing down on the street or on your car. I was having a panic because OF COURSE, Murphy's law was in full effect and the only windshield wiper fluid that was coming out was on the passenger side of the windshield !! I tried to use it to get all the salt spray off of my windshield but that just made it worse and I really couldn't see through my side very well for almost half the trip, I had to pull over at a gas station and make sure the ice was not blocking that side and then I was relieved and felt much better. Wow I really hate the snow and ice! And its funny cause I stay home for even the smallest amount of snow, ice is far more dangerous and I actually came to work today, 2 hours late. Stay safe out there people and don't slip and fall on your butt cause it hurts and its really embarassing!

P.S. I will include the website for Iron Bridge so you can check it out

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Running Into a Door

Yes, that is right, I ran face first into a door. Here is what happened that fateful night! Joe and I were acting very immature like children and chasing eachother around, he closed the bedroom door behind him all the way and I opened it as I was running but didn't leave it open all the way. This is the way the door needs to remain at night - all the way open. So its the middle of the night and I am getting up for one of my many times to pee and its pitch black in our room, we don't have a night light and I have been meaning to get one, now I think its a necessity. I walk forward toward the hall and walk straight into the door knob which hit my abdomen like a swift and merciless punch! I screamed out in pain cursing my husband (cause of course its his fault (ha ha) and grabbed my side. This crap only happens to me, I swear. Then I talked about how bad the internal bruising was going to be. I even had a dream about the nasty bruise! I dreamt it would be yellowish, greenish with dark purplish spots in the middle. And that is exactly what it looks like now! Freaky...
Well just another story of my crazy misfortunes and pain, but it is pretty funny!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Tribute to Six Feet Under

I have a ton of shows that I really love some of them include such greats as the Wire, Breaking Bad, and Dexter. These are shows that I will look forward to all week, they kept me on the edge of my seat, they made me laugh, made me cry and most of all kept me wanting MORE!! Six Feet Under was one of these shows for me. I was never able to watch it when it originally aired on HBO because I wasn't rich enough to have HBO at the time. I watched it after it had already gone off the air but it was great because I didn't have to wait, my friend was nice enough to lend the whole series to me. My husband has heard me rave about it for years and was so nice to give me the whole series for Christmas. We have been watching it non-stop, its so fun to see it again and see how much he enjoys it too.
There is so much praise that I give this show. The writing is so incredible! I think about stuff that the characters said all the time! I don't think you can say that about most shows on TV. You get so involved with these characters and you care so much about their lives and what is going to happen to them. I love how Claire's character is an artist, like me and she uses her art as her own form of therapy which I have also had to do many times throughout my life. I love the brutal, unwavering HONESTY of it all. I love that they deal with David's character struggling with society's prejudices and violence against gay men. I love how they show so many different sides of dealing with losing a loved one. Grief is a tough road to travel and they show that exquisitely. The emotion is so raw and it will turn you inside out.
The actors are all so incredible and do such a fantastic job. For those of you that love the show, Dexter, you already know that Michael C. Hall is a phenomenal actor. And to credit his stellar skills he is so very different in Six Feet Under than his character in Dexter. All of the actors are wonderful and never disappoint. You really believe these people are living this life as a family of funeral home owners in LA. There is nothing contrived or fake about a single episode. Once you get sucked in and attached to these people, you can't stop watching until you know the entire story. I would give this show a thousand Emmys myself if I could.
I remember the first time I watched the series finale, I heard that Sia song, "Breathe Me" and I immediately started crying, which turned into sobbing which then turned into choking, snotty, BALLING tears. As Oprah says, I had the "ugly cry" when I watched it. I will try not to ruin it for those of you who haven't seen the show or the finale. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you rent this, buy this series, do whatever you have to do but please watch it. Your soul will thank you!

21 Followers!! Goal Achieved (and SURPASSED)!! YAY!!

Hey Everyone, I am planning a new post that is "in the works" I may post it later today. Just wanted to say that I am so proud to announce that I have reached my goal of 20 followers and exceeded it! 21 Followers!! I huge THANK YOU to my pal Sherilin at again who introduced me to all these new and funny and of course fabulous bloggers. I promise to try to join my Follow me groups and discover and share and meet more bloggers in the new year! Thank you EVERYONE who followed me and who commented yesterday. This is fun!! It gives me so much inspiration to keep writing and sharing! I am taking a half day today because of this snow we are supposed to get but I refuse to get stuck in another slippery situation like last time!
Love to all my wonderful readers! You make me so happy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I got a BLOG AWARD!! WHAT!!??! SWEET!!

Hey everybody, on a VERY TIRED and unsuspecting Monday morning I discovered that I was the lucky receipient of a stylish Blog award!! Waaay cool! What a nice surprise! Thanks so much to

off for the award and for "plugging" my blog on your page! You are awesome!
My Award is...

How this works...
1) Thank and link back to the person who honored you with this award.
2) Share 7 things about yourself.
3) Award 15 recently discovered bloggers
4) Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Here is my 7 things list:

1) I really want to visit Europe, especially Italy and Ireland (cause I'm Irish)
2) I am going to start trying to get pregnant very soon and that is all I can think about and talk about
3) I love kid stuff like stickers, stuffed animals, cartoons and children's books and I don't think that is weird or immature, I think its fun and it will make me a better parent (I hope and pray!)
4) I got married in Hawaii and I dream about it all the time and I still need to figure out a way to hatch a plan to move there and live there permanently!
5) I am a Scorpio and yes believe what you have heard
6) I have a dangerous addiction to chocolate but c'mon who doesn't - well some freaky people out there, but they are just plain weird
7) I love all things funny, comical, hilarious, silly and humorous (especially fart and poop stories/jokes!)

Here are some blogs I am reading and other I just discovered today:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Civil Duty leads to Civil Unrest!

So the past couple of days have been quite annoying and interesting, well not really, I was the lucky citizen victim of jury duty! I am now 33 years old (really still 25 and inside 13ish) but I have so far escaped the claws of the judicial system. I feel like I did "my time" because I was a Criminal Justice major and had to go and observe court proceedings in college. Over Christmas break I got a present in the mail from my county, a stupid jury summons. I looked on in horror and thought, oh no, not me, please, not me! What if it snows! The only thing that I was thinking was it might provide a few days off of work and the trial could be an interesting criminal case perhaps. Well it proved to be a big pain in my behind.
I know I said I would work on my constant complaining, but I have to share with you this silly story of mild discontent. I began my trek to the court house and was confused and unsure as I went driving down the long and windy road anticipating this week's snow and how I would fair in the days ahead. I wasn't sure I was in the right parking area until I looked around at other freezing citizens gripping and re-reading their court summons papers while still their warm cars. So I got out and made the long trek into the court house. They really make you earn your $15 a day. I thought to myself why couldn't I get jury duty in the spring or summer months. Not in the 20 degree weather, where you immediately turn into a human popsicle as the frigid air attacks your unsuspecting warm body. I made my way throught the metal detector and off to the jury assembly room that was already quickly filling up!
I had to sit in the front row. I will now admit that I am claustrophobic and don't like sitting this close to complete strangers. Especially during the flu season where everyone is coughing and sneezing. We sat there for a long and annoying 20 mintues before the guy came and told us what the process would be and what we could expect. He was funny and tried to make it less painful, but it was already getting to be too much for me. The elderly and rude woman behind me grabbed the back of my chair so hard (to help her sit down) I nearly went flying. She did this at least 3 or 4 more times!! People are so oblivous its frightening! I'm suprised she didn't take a handful of my hair with her! I could tell she was also a negative Nancy complainer because she said in her old bitty way, "I am sure we will be here AWHILE" which led to my immediate eye-rolling.

Then "SNIFFLES" (the woman to my right) began her constant and non-stop sniffing. I know its cold and flu season. I know you are probably breathing all your cold germs all over me but the incessant sniffing was becoming unbearable. I was one of the smart ones who had brought along a book. But I couldn't concentrate over the constant sniffing, I mean it was every 5 seconds!! I understand that you might have a bad snot drip,  lady,  but go to the damn bathroom and BLOW YOUR DAMN NOSE!!! I kept looking around the over crowded room for some help, there was none, just other bored citizens packed in like sardines, sitting and waiting their jury fate. Some unfortunate souls were stuck on the steps because they didn't have enough chairs. They explained this is the "new system" and they are bringing in 200 people a week instead of just 200 a month, so they weren't used to having 80 people crammed together at once. Great. Also I was hot because we had all of our coats and I had taken off my oversized scarf and was not trying to juggle that, my travel mug and my book simultaneously in my hands. Not fun. We were stuck in this phase for a freaking hour! My ass was DEAD ASLEEP and the constant shifting wasn't helping!
Finally, we collected our riches (the $15) and it was off to our jury selection! Whoo hoo, now things were moving along. WRONG!! This began the series of questions where each individual jury member has to go up to the judge and lawyers ONE by SLOW ONE and see if they are going to be struck from the final group. After more long hours passed, it was time to pick the final lucky eight. I thought well, I could do this but I would rather not, please don't pick me, please don't...and then they called my name! Of course. So now I looked back at all the other people who were going to be set free, while I was givin my new juror sentence number and pad and pen. Then they let us go for lunch and told us to be back promptly at 2. I know that area of town,  sort of,  but of course I went the wrong way and had to cause my heart to skip a beat as I made a very illegal u turn and blocked on coming traffic. I had a nice lunch at home and pondered my next 3 or 4 days of jury duty. When we got back we heard the boring and complicated opening arguments from both sides. Then the judge let us go early at 3 pm and told us that the attorneys were going to try to stream line the boring civil case for us. So I go home and get up the next day to start my adventure again. I realize that in all the glory of my being a "chosen one" I had left my travel mug in the court room. This may not sound like a big deal to most, but it is to me. I take a long time to find a good travel mug. You need to find one that is the right size, dishwasher and microwave safe and that is fairly easy to clean. I have even searched high and low for a bottle brush just to clean my precious travel mug.
So I hurriedly made my way to buy a magazine before getting to court. Made the long and bitterly cold walk  to the court house. I anxiously asked the security guard if there was a lost and found and told him that I had left a travel mug in the court room upstairs. He pulled out my beautiful shiny purple travel mug and handed her over! Oh Thank you I screamed! He smirked and probably thought to himself that I was a dumb blond or a dumb woman. I ran upstairs and was immediately told that the court case was over and they had settled. It was all over! Whew! Now for another 3 years that I am free of all that! I think my unsuspecting husband might receive something in the mail soon....if he is lucky his sentence, oh um, I mean civil duty will be in warmer months!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Edit Your Profile!

This will be a very quick one, I just wanted to let everyone know that usually I pride myself on being a very excellent speller, I may not remember all the correct grammar rules but I usually spell words the right way. I was reading this Netflix cover tonight and it had the word kooky in it. I looked in horror as I realized my profile has had the word COOKY on it this WHOLE time. I guess everyone makes mistakes, I fixed it so now I will not have a correctly spelled kooky existence and not a COOKY one!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Recipe for Disaster!

My friend Darcie and I came up with a funny saying for our teenage escapade one weekend and it was known as the “Recipe for Disaster” It was really funny we even made up an actually recipe in our heads, it went something like this:

1 Cup of lies to our parents
½ cup car with problems that could break down
1 tbsp. friend with boy drama
Sprinkle in homework that probably wasn’t getting done

Combine ingredients in large bowl and heat at 350 degrees

So I think I will start a new post in honor of the recipe for disaster because so many daily occurrences and happenings could fall into this category. It’s just a funny phrase in and of itself.
This was only a potential disaster but definitely a recipe for one!! The last two weeks of the year around here in my office are pretty empty. Most people use leave they have saved up or the really lucky ones who have "use or lose" leave can take the entire 2 weeks off. Must. be. nice. I am starting my leave all over again from scratch so needless to say I am trying to save it up and instead of use it up. So I was here with a few other employees. We have a couple of seeing-impaired employees here. This post isn't in any way to make fun of my blind co-worker but just to show you that sometimes the things that can happen are very comical. Both of the ladies who are blind or seeing-impaired ( the politically correct way to say it, I guess) tend to swing their canes very hard against the walls. Sometimes you have to get out of their way when you see them coming or they might get you by accident with thier canes. Last week, there was a maintence worker on a ladder in the hall and he was fixing something in the ceiling. He was positioned directly in front of the break room. All I could do all moring was imagine my co-worker coming up to him and somehow knocking him over and crashing into a big pile of disaster. Luckily, this didn't happen, but around here there are many receipes for disaster, especially with two ladies who can't see! Sometimes they almost smash into eachother while they are both walking toward one another swinging away, they constantly have to rely on others for simple things, however daily they amaze me at how independent and able they are. I think its very difficult to get around our building WITH SIGHT. We have key cards/badges that we have to scan to get in all the offices, unruly elevators that get stuck and behave in insane ways, and a bathroom door that likes to accidently get locked - which means you are either locked out or even worse locked in!! I hope and pray that they never get stuck on the elevator by themselves or locked in our bathroom by themselves, see? Potential disaster everyday! So that is just a little peak into the adventures in my office. It has taught me a lot and I think I am grateful more often than most for my sight, which other people might not think as often about or take for granted. I also have to add that these two women are usually in good spirits and have a good attitude about life. I think this is the most humbling thing that I observe about them day to day. I know I complian about PLENTY of so-called hardships or problems in my life ALL the time. So if I was in their position would I be as cheerful and upbeat? I am not so sure.
I try to remind myself almost daily to approach life with graditude. To thank God for things that I don't usually thank Him or Her for like my arms, or my legs, being able to hear music or see the sunset. Not just thanking Him or Her for enough food to eat or a roof over my head or my health and for the love of my life and my family and friends. I had a huge recent health scare and it really brought me to my knees. So this post was supposed to be funny but some how has turned serious and "deep". Just wanted to say that once you count so many countless blessings and you really take stock of how good you really have it, its not as easy to complain or feel like there is lack or something missing.
I don't believe New Year's resolutions. Of course we all want to get fit or exercise more, eat better or save more money or whatever. The truth is we probably forget about them by Valentine's Day, right? Well I resolve to be more grateful and complain less. And this is tough for me cause I am really good at complaining!! Happy New Year Everyone! Cheers!