Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Incident

This is a special treat. One of my favorite stories about myself. A true classic. I promised myself if it snowed and I stayed home today that I would write this and share it with my favorite people in the world, my blog readers! It snowed and even though the federal government did not close ( pretty pissed) I stayed home because I do not drive in the snow. Its is also supposed to snow again tonight dumping another 4-8 inches so they might not get me tomorrow either.

So here it goes: I was over at my friend Bethany's house. I think we were in high school or maybe a little younger. I had come over and was sitting in the living room watching tv. We sat there and chatted for awhile and Bethany said that she needed to go upstairs. While I was alone, waiting, I noticed there was a package of chocolate chip cookies sitting on the table next to me. I waited for there for quite some time and when she returned she said, "Oh would you like some cookies, have some" I said, "oh no I can't, I am on a diet and I am trying to watch the sweets" She said, "ooookaaay" Then I turned my face and smiled at her. She immediately burst into hysterical laughter. I said, " What!??! What are you laughing at?" Between uncontrolled laughing and pointing she managed to say, "Your, yyyoour YyyyyoUR FACE!!" BAAHAHAHAHAHAH! After catching her breath she said, " You have chocolate all over your mouth and you just said oh no I couldn't have any cookies"
So needless to say, I was caught red-handed or chocolate-faced! This story is not a surprise to anyone who knows me well, every time I eat a chocolate Bon Bon from Trader Joes (which are absolutely delicious so get some!) I get chocolate in the corners of my mouth, every.single.time. I am also ashamed to admit that I normally look down after eating to my horror to find a sea of crumbs blanketing my shirt. I am messy, ok! I used to joke in college that the crumbs that landed on my extra large, mammoth boobies were "snacks for later" which friends found particularly hilarious.
So there it is the chocolate chip cookie incident. I hope you enjoyed and snickered at my sloppiness. Oooh now I want a Snickers!!


  1. Oh dear oh dear! Chocolate had a way of getting everywhere. I can always tell if Hubby has been in the chocolate drawer...same thing happens and it's on his nose and face. I have the same problem with licquorice which just makes me look as if all my teeth have dropped out!
    Lovely story and thank you for posting it.
    Enjoy your snow day...and 'the Golden Girls!' Stay away from the Snickers bars :)

  2. Hi there. I have just popped over from Facing 50 with Humour. I loved the Golden Girls when they were first on. So funny! I will have to look out for them on Hallmark. Wonder if it seems to funny now?! Rose was just so daffy. Think I might follow you if that's okay. Hope the snow doesn't get too bad tonight, but at least you're nice and cosy indoors, so that's good!

  3. LOL Too funny! Our DD1 is the same way. Even now, she's 26, she still gets chocolate and ice cream all over herself!

    We are finally getting a Trader Joe's here and now, I'm even MORE excited!

  4. Thanks Ladies for reading and sharing the laughs, I will return following your blogs too!! I LOVE getting new readers!

  5. To funny! I still make a mess when I eat and end up with crumbs all over my shirt.