Monday, January 31, 2011

Interesting Award

I would like to thank for giving me this very interesting and fun award! Here is the deal I will tell all of you five facts about myself and one will by a lie and the other 4 will be true. This is sort of tough for me cause I am not very good at lying, and on top of that was raised a very good Catholic girl who thought I was suffer some atrocity if I did tell a lie. But ok, here goes...

1) I met and interviewed Tori Amos
2) I ran BUCK NAKED through the court yard outside my dorm freshman year of college
3) When I was a waitress, I did something "very bad" to a rude customer's food
4) I have traveled to 4 foreign countries so far
5) I lost my boss' wallet once and it had $500 bucks in it

I would like the following to take this magnificent award, place it carefully in their post and also join in the fun by following the same rules. You should thank the wonderful person who has forced you to tell lies. Write out four lies and one truth then pass it onto five other bloggers.


  1. well thanky, ms racecar!
    i think the lie is the first one & the rest of them are all true!

  2. I don't know how you are supposed to reveal but I think I will post the "truth" in my next post. You are supposed to post 4 lies and one truth. #1 is the only true one!
    Whats really funny is that at first I posted 4 true things and one lie and then I had to change it cause reading is fundamental! haha

  3. Thank you darlin, you're so sweet.....I would have no problem telling them all as lies... but then I was raised as very bad protestant girl! lol!

  4. I am not a good liar either so, I will gladly accept your award...but give me a day...I need to think up some fibs!

    I think you ran buck naked....who is Tori Amos?