Monday, January 3, 2011

Recipe for Disaster!

My friend Darcie and I came up with a funny saying for our teenage escapade one weekend and it was known as the “Recipe for Disaster” It was really funny we even made up an actually recipe in our heads, it went something like this:

1 Cup of lies to our parents
½ cup car with problems that could break down
1 tbsp. friend with boy drama
Sprinkle in homework that probably wasn’t getting done

Combine ingredients in large bowl and heat at 350 degrees

So I think I will start a new post in honor of the recipe for disaster because so many daily occurrences and happenings could fall into this category. It’s just a funny phrase in and of itself.
This was only a potential disaster but definitely a recipe for one!! The last two weeks of the year around here in my office are pretty empty. Most people use leave they have saved up or the really lucky ones who have "use or lose" leave can take the entire 2 weeks off. Must. be. nice. I am starting my leave all over again from scratch so needless to say I am trying to save it up and instead of use it up. So I was here with a few other employees. We have a couple of seeing-impaired employees here. This post isn't in any way to make fun of my blind co-worker but just to show you that sometimes the things that can happen are very comical. Both of the ladies who are blind or seeing-impaired ( the politically correct way to say it, I guess) tend to swing their canes very hard against the walls. Sometimes you have to get out of their way when you see them coming or they might get you by accident with thier canes. Last week, there was a maintence worker on a ladder in the hall and he was fixing something in the ceiling. He was positioned directly in front of the break room. All I could do all moring was imagine my co-worker coming up to him and somehow knocking him over and crashing into a big pile of disaster. Luckily, this didn't happen, but around here there are many receipes for disaster, especially with two ladies who can't see! Sometimes they almost smash into eachother while they are both walking toward one another swinging away, they constantly have to rely on others for simple things, however daily they amaze me at how independent and able they are. I think its very difficult to get around our building WITH SIGHT. We have key cards/badges that we have to scan to get in all the offices, unruly elevators that get stuck and behave in insane ways, and a bathroom door that likes to accidently get locked - which means you are either locked out or even worse locked in!! I hope and pray that they never get stuck on the elevator by themselves or locked in our bathroom by themselves, see? Potential disaster everyday! So that is just a little peak into the adventures in my office. It has taught me a lot and I think I am grateful more often than most for my sight, which other people might not think as often about or take for granted. I also have to add that these two women are usually in good spirits and have a good attitude about life. I think this is the most humbling thing that I observe about them day to day. I know I complian about PLENTY of so-called hardships or problems in my life ALL the time. So if I was in their position would I be as cheerful and upbeat? I am not so sure.
I try to remind myself almost daily to approach life with graditude. To thank God for things that I don't usually thank Him or Her for like my arms, or my legs, being able to hear music or see the sunset. Not just thanking Him or Her for enough food to eat or a roof over my head or my health and for the love of my life and my family and friends. I had a huge recent health scare and it really brought me to my knees. So this post was supposed to be funny but some how has turned serious and "deep". Just wanted to say that once you count so many countless blessings and you really take stock of how good you really have it, its not as easy to complain or feel like there is lack or something missing.
I don't believe New Year's resolutions. Of course we all want to get fit or exercise more, eat better or save more money or whatever. The truth is we probably forget about them by Valentine's Day, right? Well I resolve to be more grateful and complain less. And this is tough for me cause I am really good at complaining!! Happy New Year Everyone! Cheers!

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