Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rudest City in America??!!

So this morning I was leisurely checking out the news on MSNBC and there was an article about the rudest cities in America. Baltimore was ranked # 7 and DC was up at # 5, the east coast had way too many in the top ten. I recently was discussing this problem with one of my friends and I admitted that DC is not the nicest or most friendly place on earth. I have realized this even more throughout my life when visiting other places and being shocked at how nice everyone was. I am very lucky that I live in a nice suburb "Colum-bubble" and most people are nice, but as soon as I make my grueling commute everyday toward DC the road rage and frustrations grow and so does the RUDENESS!!
Its more than just being rude, its about being un-friendly, selfish, catty, petty, cold and out right mean. The "middle" sections of this country are known for being filled with nice people and the south has all of their accolades of being sweet and hospitable and warm. For the most part I have seen that this holds true. Why does the east coast have to be so mean and rude?? What is up our bums? Of course New York has a reputation of having the rudest and nastiest of characters, this article said that Boston is a huge offender and they don't give hugs! Well I don't want to live in a place where there is no hugging! That is ridiculous!

Growing up near DC, I have always felt that there was a stand-offish air about people. People keep to themselves. If you go out to a bar in DC, it is rare that people who don't know eachother will be friendly and strike up a conversation. I have found in Baltimore that isn't the case, people are more willing to smile, engage you in conversation or even get funky on the dance floor with you if you are really drunk and there is music! I always felt that people were really judgemental in DC and cared way too much about what your status was, where you went to college, how many degrees you have and where you work, etc. People told me MANY, MANY times that I would be better suited to the west coast. I dreamed of living out there in my 20s and I really loved the culture and life style of Hawaii when we were there. Just seeing surfer girls carrying their boards walking by Starbucks was so refreshing and awesome. I like chill people, I like people who smile but most of all I like happy people who like to have a good time!

So as I was pondering all this rudeness and mean spirited-ness my cutie husband called to tell me that he was wrestling with the Christmas tree this morning. Let me preface this by saying that we didn't have a very big tree and it has been laying on our deck since the day after Christmas. I guess he managed to squeeze it in his truck and was thinking of putting it by the dumpster at the library across the street from our house. So as my Jewish husband ( poor thing shouldn't have to be doing this in the FIRST PLACE) is struggling with the tree, some VERY RUDE old lady starts yelling at him as she is going in the library, "Don't put leave your tree there, take it to the dump!" My husband in turn responded, "Shut up and mind your business dummy, I am trying to tye it down!!" He ended up shoving it back in the trunk and taking it elsewhere. But we don't have a good place to put it and it isn't very big, what were we supposed to do? Again that damn tree became a huge pain in the ass. But more importantly why do people feel that they need to scream at other people! I hate rude and mean people!
Yesterday in Giant there was a Mom and her kids blocking the aisle and so I begin going around them and at the same time coming toward me was a VERY RUDE lady obviously in a rush, she looked angerily at the situation and moved around me and at the same time I bumped into one of the young girls and i said "sorry" to the GIRL and NOT to the rudy, McRude pants. And what does she do? She screams, " That's ok!!! I will just walk alllll the waaay around!!" Wow. You had to walk around people at the grocery store, lady! Why are you freaking out about that? That is life, you rude, rude idiot!!

So I have had enough with rude, selfish people! They make me violently angry! I think everyone needs to B-R-E-A-T-H-E a little more and relax. I want to enjoy my life and have fun, so to all you rude people out there, STOP RUINING IT FOR ME!!!!! Thanks!

Here is the link to the article from MSNBC:


  1. Wow. I am Canadian, and have visited Washington many times. I did experience rude shoppers with carts. They had no conscience they did not move their carts and expected us to go around the next aile. I generally don't see rude people in stores. I do see them on the rd. especially at a corner near my house. we have a left hand turn light at a big intersection, there is a road that merges onto that left hand rd who are supposed to yeild to us left hand turn signal people...whoa do they EVER GET PISSY when they have to yield to lady was just shaking her fist and yelling at me...and THAT pisses me off...Can't they read the signs!!!!!!!! I hate rude drivers.

  2. I know rude people are the worst!! I think that Canadians are nicer for the most part and more peaceful, I was just saying this yesterday when I was talking about the movie Bowling for Columbine? Have you seen it? Michael Moore points out that more Canandians have guns, per household than us but FAR less violent gun deaths. You guys must being doing something right, free health care and peace - I like it!!!

  3. i grew up in ny & have spent all of my adulthood in the south & i've got to tell you that while yes, on the surface, southerners are more polite, it's only skin deep. they're more likely to smile & nod at you when you walk by & then turn to their companion & say, "my goodness, she's a fat slob! and didn't her mama teach her how to use a hairbrush? bless her heart."
    i'll take the honesty of the north over the fake sweet of the south.

  4. Really?! Haha, well you would know! I do think that when southern women say, "Bless your heart" it has that scary undertone of "I want to kill you"! I don't know what they base these rankings on but I think its nice to be around happy and pleasant people - GENUINE, nice people though! :)

  5. You know i am Canadian too, but I have to say to you that we aren't necessarily nicer. Our cities are beyond Rude. And it is just getting worse out there. I miss the days of politeness. I miss someone holding a door open for me, or people waving a thanks at you when you stop for them to cross in a crosswalk, i miss thank yous and pleases... I miss it all! I do my best to be as humanly polite as I can, which can be an incredible test.

  6. Rude people do suck! I do work hard to be polite to others. And find it weird that when I say excuse me to go around others in a store I get weird looks.

  7. Tracy and Ruth, I agree!! I think that not only is chivalary dead but just basic manners and being polite are gone too! I try to be nice to others but I have my breaking point to if people are pushy and rude! Hardly ANYONE holds the door for me and I always do that for people and most of them act shocked and surprised that I did something nice which shows how sad the situation is!

  8. One of my pet peeves is rude and mean people!
    btw I gave you a shout-out on my page. A very belated "Thankyou" for the award you gave me *Hangs head in shame*