Thursday, January 13, 2011

Running Into a Door

Yes, that is right, I ran face first into a door. Here is what happened that fateful night! Joe and I were acting very immature like children and chasing eachother around, he closed the bedroom door behind him all the way and I opened it as I was running but didn't leave it open all the way. This is the way the door needs to remain at night - all the way open. So its the middle of the night and I am getting up for one of my many times to pee and its pitch black in our room, we don't have a night light and I have been meaning to get one, now I think its a necessity. I walk forward toward the hall and walk straight into the door knob which hit my abdomen like a swift and merciless punch! I screamed out in pain cursing my husband (cause of course its his fault (ha ha) and grabbed my side. This crap only happens to me, I swear. Then I talked about how bad the internal bruising was going to be. I even had a dream about the nasty bruise! I dreamt it would be yellowish, greenish with dark purplish spots in the middle. And that is exactly what it looks like now! Freaky...
Well just another story of my crazy misfortunes and pain, but it is pretty funny!


  1. Sweetie... you didn't spell my name wrong. You spelt it right. It's Tracy without the "e".

    And I say double owie!

  2. OUCH! And yes, Husbands are always good to blame things on.. Hehee

  3. Ouch! I ran through a glass storm door once. Thankfully I only got a small cut on my wrist.

  4. I can picture that whole scene.
    we have the coolest stairs in our house, when you step on them, the light you can always see at night.
    that way...bonus....if a robber trys to sneak into our room (loft) and steps on our steps....he is busted.

  5. Wow Wendy those sound really cool! My husband and I definitely need more lights around, I am working on it! :)