Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Second Snow/Ice Story and Date Night Out!!

I will start off with the nice and romantic part of the last two days and then onto the dangerous, treacherous part of today. Yesterday Joe and I went to our favorite restaurant Iron Bridge Wine Company. This place is so fabulous. Its a tiny little place we discovered in Columbia a few years ago. They have gourmet food that is so mouth wateringly delicious and decadent and they also have wines from all around the world on the shelves all around the restaurant. Its great! We love to sip wine out of those huge wine glasses and pretend we're rich! When we went on our date on Christmas Eve, we got a "red envelope". This is a prize they gave out and the way it works is that you have to bring it back during January or the first part of February UNOPENED and then you bring it back and claim your prize which could be anything from a free glass of wine to a free meal or free meals every month for a year!
So we get all pretty and smelling good and get in the car and of course we forgot our precious red envelope. So we had to go all the way back home and get it and then drive back to the restaurant. When we got there, our very nice waiter opened the envelope and we got a free meal which includes 2 free appetizers, 2 free entrees and 2 free desserts. Did I mention free!? Haha, we enjoy this place so much its so intimate, and cozy it has a pretty fireplace and after our meal we usually pick out a nice bottle of wine to take home. But we only go a few times a year, but now that we are getting a free meal we couldn't be more excited to keep going back. We decided to wait until next time to use our free meal since we weren't prepared to consume that much food last night. And its restaurant this week so we already had a deal for last night (which was burger night) with a burger and a glass of wine for $20.
Dinner was delicious and we can't wait to go back very soon and have our free feast! Yes! Iron Bridge, we love you.
Now onto other things that I don't love so much. Winter. Weather. Last night as we sat there with our round full bellies we looked out the window to discover that it had started snowing but this time it had the added bonus of a huge dose of freezing rain on top of the snow. This created a solid layer of ice that covered everything - the trees, the cars and especially every walk way and parking lot. Luckily the roads weren't that bad because they had pre-treated them before last night. But trying to get to the car was an adventure in and of itself. It was like a treacherous ice rink out there, you had to try VERY HARD not to fall on your ass! Then when you finally skated, slipped and prayed your way to your car and got most of the ice off of it you get on the road and everyone else has left most of the ice on the top of their car and on the hood and it is now flying up high in the air and crashing down on the street or on your car. I was having a panic because OF COURSE, Murphy's law was in full effect and the only windshield wiper fluid that was coming out was on the passenger side of the windshield !! I tried to use it to get all the salt spray off of my windshield but that just made it worse and I really couldn't see through my side very well for almost half the trip, I had to pull over at a gas station and make sure the ice was not blocking that side and then I was relieved and felt much better. Wow I really hate the snow and ice! And its funny cause I stay home for even the smallest amount of snow, ice is far more dangerous and I actually came to work today, 2 hours late. Stay safe out there people and don't slip and fall on your butt cause it hurts and its really embarassing!

P.S. I will include the website for Iron Bridge so you can check it out


  1. Glad you made it home safely. And way to go winning a free meal.

  2. Thanks Ruth! I did make it safely and haven't fallen..YET this winter! haha, oh and thanks we are going back this weekend to claim our lovely prize!

  3. WOW! That last pic I thought at first they were bench sculptures, then realised they were benches all iced up! Sometimes I wish we got snow here but reading your story and seeing these pics, now I'm not so sure.

  4. Yeah be grateful for no ice and snow! That picture isn't from Maryland, I just found it on the Net and added it for dramatic effect! :)