Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow 2011

We got more snow last night and now my poor husband is out there trying to dig our cars out. This is the most that we have had this winter so far, now I am just hoping we can get through February! Yikes!
Here are some pictures


  1. Fantastic photos! It's a real pain if you have to get around in the snow, but it does look so pretty, doesn't it? I'm hoping that we're not going to get any more down here in my part of England - we had our main snowfall the week leading up to Christmas, which really messed up everybody's travel plans.

  2. Thanks, yes it is a pain, we are experiencing the antsy, need to L-E-A-V-E the house, I think just cause we can't or we shouldn't! We heard about all the travel problems around Christmas. Its so awesome I have a reader in England! You are my 2nd international reader!

  3. the weather this year is so wacky! i'm so glad this storm skipped us. we've had 2 already this year that shut the city down for days.