Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 21st : What a Wonderful Day!

I have dedicated Mondays to my new series for my blog called "A Case of the Muuunnnddaaayys", where I can feel free to vent and complain about whatever I want. But today is a great day, February 21st, my husband's birthday, the day the love of my life was born! Its also a holiday, President's Day and I have the day off, which today is very awesome because I don't feel like being at work AT ALL right now.

I have to say my usual THANK YOU and SHOUT OUT to my newest followers, Amber over at Amber LaShell Rants, go over and check her out and share some light and love and to my other follower, Kenton Shonhor at (I love that name by the way), go over and check him out too, thanks to both of you to bringing me up to 46! I am so close to 50 I can almost taste it!

Ok, so now I will include my soul-bearing, mushy dedication to my baby:
To my husband, you are the greatest "God send" that has ever come into my life. I love how much fun you are to be with, I love your positivity, your warm embrace, your loving heart and of course, your gorgeous self. You are my world and I love to love you!!! I hope you had a good birthday weekend and I look forward to many more.  I never knew I could be this happy in a relationship, you have made me believe in kismet, fate, because it really feels like we were made for each other.

Now I can finally talk about Joe's presents because before I knew he was reading every post and he really loves surprises so I couldn't mention them. I got him his favorite show on DVD, The Wire. If any of you haven't seen this show its so great. The show is a VERY accurate, honest, gritty and moving portrayal of Baltimore City life from the drug dealers and police to the schools, politicians and the newspaper, the Baltimore Sun. We loved watching it the first time and its really good the second time. I like making my husband happy. He also grew up in Baltimore City and so I think it resonates even more for him.
I also got him a print of "Proverbidioms" it is a really interesting painting of hundreds of sayings, proverbs and idioms. We discovered the print while visiting New Orleans and then we had to try to track it down on the Net. I have included a picture of it but you won't be able to see the picutres up close and they are pretty cool, so you may want to look it up, just google the title "Proverbidioms" and it will come right up

As I told everyone, I went to get my hair done over the weekend which I love to do. My hair stylist, Lauren is so great. My hair is growing rapidly because of the prenatal vitamins and so I really needed the cut. It is fun to be pampered and to feel pretty and glamorous for a day. I will include pictures.

I look forward to plenty of relaxing time today, sitting in my comfy chair, putting my feet up on the ottoman and reading my new book, its called "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett, I have only just started it but so far its really good. It is about the South in the 1960s which can be a depressing place, but I am so interested to see what happens to all of the characters I have met so far.

One thing that I really can't believe is that it is supposed to snow tonight, What the hell? For all of you loyal readers out there, (you are awesome and I love you!!) I told you on Friday how it was a glorious, warm and sunny 70 degrees. Now we are supposed to get snow. BIG SIGH, I realize that its still winter but the schizophrenic nature of the Maryland weather is enough to drive you crazy. And not to mention uspet your allergies, I spent most of the morning blowing my congested nose. I know that isn't positive and now I am complaining, but even if its a great day, its still a Monday, so sorry people!

Me and Joe in Hawaii before the wedding

The After Salon pics:


  1. Today is also National Sticky Buns Day!
    Who knew?

  2. I love the new cut!
    I hope Joe has a very Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby!

    And aren't you just the cutest little thing!!! So pretty darlin!


  4. @Al -no way really? I got him a bear claw at Panera Bread so that is a close celebratory pastry :)
    @Ruth -thanks that is so sweet
    @Tracy - Thanks (from Joe) and you're so nice to me, thanks love

  5. You're a gorgeous lady and the two of you are a sweet, happy couple.
    Enjoy Monday and hub's birthday.

  6. Happy birthday to the hubs.

    I totally love your haircut. It turned out awesome. Your hair stylist really did a fantastic job. Love it love it love it.

  7. Thanks ROBYN AND ROBIN!! TWO Rocking Robyn-Robins!!! That is so sweet, I appreciate all the love :)

  8. Thanks for the shout out!

  9. Kenton - I couldn't see your blog when I clicked on your name I will edit the post and put your link in :)

  10. No problem, who knows what happens in bloggyland sometimes... :) Thanks for the correction and glad you like the name! :)