Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Follow Up - Interesting Award Part 2

Hey People - So here is my big reveal from yesterday's lies and one true fact about me. Number one is the true fact, I once met Tori Amos. Then to my shock one of my readers asked Who is Tori Amos? I am glad I have the opportunity to introduce an American musical artist to some of my readers who may not have heard of her before. Tori Amos is a singer, songwriter who actually grew up in Maryland not to far from where I grew up. She was also a musical prodigy, composing music by age five. I discovered her in my highschool years and really fell in love. My sister was really into her and we had the opportunity to interview her at Constitution Hall during her Boys For Pele tour in 1996. It was so incredible, I was so star struck that she had to come back to me because I couldn't speak the first time she called on me to ask a question. I was pretty obsessed with this woman. Her voice is so angelic and her music is quite incredible. She now lives in England with her husband and her daughter and she still tours.
I will include some pictures, a video of one of my favorite songs of hers and a link to her Wiki page and her website. If you go onto Itunes I highly recommend listening to tracks from her first album, Little Earthquakes, which is one of her best, in my opinion. She has a very disturbing song on this album called, "Me and A Gun" about the night she was raped. She is a founding member of R.A.I.N.N., the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network to help other survivors. She has always been a huge source of inspiration, beauty, hope and talent for me.

I also want to send a big SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to Karen over at Ow, my angst (I love that name so much! haha)  for being my newest follower! Check out her blog she is very funny! I am up to 25!! YAY!!! That is a quarter of the way too a 100! Whooo wee!



  1. oh geez. When people are nice to me I lose all ability to create any kind of witty, zingy comeback.
    Thank you JD, and thank you Sherilin. I loves me some blog wimmen...they're so supportive! Sniff!
    I like Tori Amos a lot too. I played my Tori Amos tapes to death on my way to and from Uni.