Friday, February 11, 2011

Free for All Fridays Debut

I think I going to start a new tradition for my blog. Its going to be called, "Free for All Fridays" this is a spin-off of Random Thoughts Thursdays. This is a chance for me to post all the not-so-collective thoughts going on inside my head. Without a theme, are these postings.

1) THANK YOU and a SHOUT out, as always to my newest follower, Jayme at, go check out her blog and share the love, now I have 40! Wow that is sublime! When I get 50 I am going to throw a blog party and it will be like when Molly Shannon would do her skit of that 50 year-old woman who screamed "I'm 50! And I like to Kick!"

2) THE ROOTS - Today I was reminscing about the days when I was young and in my 20s and would go to shows and see awesome groups like the Roots. My friend posted the lyrics to that song, "You Got Me" by the Roots and Erykah Badu. I saw the Roots live probably eight times. It was so much fun. I even got to meet the human beatbox Rahzel. It was so cool. They are really like no other hip hop group out there.

3) So excited for Valentine's weekend and the weekend after that is my lovely husband's birthday weekend. I am going to go out tomorrow and get a bottle of this white wine I have been wanting to try called menage a trois. It is three different blends mixed together and a co-worker recommended it. We are probably going to go out to breakfast on Sunday morning which will be nice. And for his birthday we are going to one of our favorite restaurants Bonefish Grill for some delicious bang-bang shrimp! YUM! Can't wait!

4) I have a dermatologist appointment next week for this disgusting huge and painful sore I have on my mouth that makes me look like a have the herpes!! I told my husband that the people in my office must think he is cheating on me with the town hooker! I have been struggling with these skin issues for years. Its not just your run-of-the-mill acne, but painful huge, swollen sores that keep plaguing my life and returning over and over again. I have also been to the dermatologist many times for this same problem and they have told me I am some what of a "medical mystery" grrreat. That is just what you want to hear when you want something to go away VERY BADLY!

5) Look at the huge heart that my co-worker brought in for all of us today! It was so sweet but doesn't help any of us on our diet plans or goals, but she is so sweet and always brings in plenty of treats on the holidays. This picture is not good but this thing was ENORMOUS, the biggest Valentine's Day heart box of candy I have ever seen!

So there it is folks short and sweet for the weekend, have a great one and tell those that you love that you do!


  1. Are you sure she was talking about the wine when she suggested the menage a trois?

  2. Love the idea of free for all Fridays. I left you a comment on my Tavern post. Have a fabulous day!

  3. sometimes, there's not enough on any one topic for a whole blog post, but you want to say it anyway, so this works well for getting them all out.
    isn't it fun to see your numbers climb? you'll be at 50 in no time. the week of christmas, i had 44 followers. today i have 133. that's a huge jump in a very small time, so you never know what'll happen to bring people in.

  4. How many husbands are able to brag that their wives have them a menage a troi for their birthday? Lucky man. ;-)

  5. You are so adorable! seriously adorable! And when you reach 50 followers, I want a photo of you doing that kick!!!! have a lovely weekend darlin!

  6. Having your followers increase is a rush! Why, just Wednesday I had 19 followers and today I have...uh...19 followers (counting some dead people, me under a different name, the next door neighbor's cat, and our town hobo- who comes to my house for a sandwich, a shower, and glass of Tang. Oh, yeah. And my mom).
    Great post! Love free-for-all Fridays!

  7. Thanks again for the honorable mention. I feel special... and not the "short-bus" kind either.


  8. Oh my gosh I love all of you guys so much!!!
    @George - you are funny and yes she definitely meant the wine -they have red and white make sure you try some
    @LadyDayton - you're welcome and thanks, I will make sure to go back and read it
    @Sherilin - thanks, feel free to do it yourself if you want and thanks for the best posts of the weeks suggestion I am going to add a post this week too, love getting more followers
    @Katsidhe - he is lucky but there will be only TWO making sweet love this weekend! HAHA, I couldn't share my gorgeous one with anyone!
    @Average Girl - you are so sweet and YOU are adorable and the best!!!
    @Al - I love it, especially the mental image of the hobo drinking Tang maybe he can link up with my town hooker! Ha!
    @Jayme (yellocoyote) your welcome and you are special in the non-short bus way!!

  9. That heart looks divinely delicious. Happy V-day and hubby's (not bubby's - that was cute!) b-day weekend. I like your Friday Free-for-all post and ideal.

  10. Had the red variety, didn't know they made white, I'll have to give it a whirl.