Friday, February 18, 2011

Free for All Fridays Part Deux

Hey Everyone Today is going to be a great day! Its going up to 70 degrees and I am getting the G-town cupcakes for Joe's B-day celebration weekend. And best of all I get to leave work 2 hours early.
So this is the second installment of Free For All Fridays, a way to hang loose and just say whatever one feels like because hey its Friday and all of our minds are somewhere else anyway, so why not just randomly shoot out ideas and at the same time dream of weekend pleasures!

1) THANK YOU AND SHOUT OUT to my two newest fellow followers, two very cool manly men, Ashley and George at You two are the bees knees, thank you so much for reading and following! I know Ashley from elementary school and we like to keep in touch on facebook. George is another blogger friend who is so awesome and loyally reads and leaves comments which always makes me so happy! I don't have a ton of male followers and I love to get more since it can get a little estrogen over-run at times! :)

2) "Hello Jerry!" Uncle Leo, RIP, Yesterday many of you found out that the actor Len Lesser, who played Uncle Leo on Seinfeld passed away. I was really sad to hear this news because as most of America, I have seen every episode of Seinfeld about 50 times and he was very funny. My husband says everything in life can be applied to one Seinfeld episode or another, which for the most part is very true. I have to include the picture from my favorite Uncle Leo episode which is the one where Elaine paints fake eyebrows on him during the "medical file" episode. Hilarious! As you guys know, I live for all things funny and as much as this show is old now and everyone has seen every episode, it was really freaking funny and I love it.

3) Book and Video Wars: So I hear the Borders is bankrupt and I find it so interesting to watch all of the "book wars" and "video wars" go on out there in the world. First I hated the big box book stores, like Borders and Barnes and Noble, for driving out the mom and pop bookstores out of business. I worked briefly for University of Maryland's bookstore and when Barnes and Noble took over it was totally corporate BS. They made us all wear a certain "uniform" and everything became so corporate and yucky. Now with electronic readers like Kindle and ordering books cheaper on Amazon, Borders is in trouble. Interesting. I don't think I like the ideas of books becoming obselete like the eight track though. I like reading a good paperback and don't own a Kindle yet. The same thing is happening to video. First Blockbuster came in and drove all the smaller video stores out of business and now Blockbuster is fighting with Netflix to see who can put who out of business. I guess in the future it will be mostly downloads and on demand. We rent from the Redbox which is only $1 a movie. I guess you can't stop progress and technology.

4) Witty things I say and do...  I heard the famous Lionel Ritchie song, "Easy Like Sunday Morning" this morning and I used to say, a woman could NEVER sing that song.. haha
One of the funniest things I did a long time ago was to put "Who could it be now" as my ringtone on my cellphone - I mean seriously, that is funny, right?
When I used to call out Does anyone want more Blank, I would say "Going once, twice, Three times a Lady"!! People would crack up, even though that wasn't that funny.

5) Yummy Cinnamon Dolce I went to Starbucks on this lovely Friday morning and decided to try a new drink suggested byNerd Girl at, since its so warm out I decided to get the Cinnamon Dolce Frappacinno which was super good, or what I like to say, my little phrase, "super delicious happy hour" Thanks for the suggestion!

So this was an easy  breezy post, I hope you all have a relaxing, enjoyable and terrific weekend! Love to you!


  1. Thanks for the "shout out". I've been following anonymously for a while and just noticed that I hadn't changed it to public.
    I was sorry to see that Len Lesser had died, he was a great character actor.
    Our local Borders is one of the stores closing. This doesn't bother me too much. I like to use the mom and pop stores but sometimes I am forced to go to the big box stores over selection. I'd rather pay the local people a few bucks more because it generally pays you back in service.

  2. I was bummed when I heard about uncle Leo's passing, too.

  3. Just wanted to thank you for your nice comment on my blog.. and Btw. i am a scorpio too, and my mom tells me that's why I'm so sexual.

  4. My brothers and I were saddened to hear of Uncle Leo's passing. Last year, the three of us went camping in Rhode Island. In the middle of the night, a couple (who ended up being clueless about camping-but that's another story) set up their tent next to us. From out of the dark, we heard a disembodied "Hello!" which sounded just like Uncle Leo. From that moment forward, we ended each sentence to each other (and confused relatives) with "Hello!"
    So, in memory of Uncle Leo, I offer: "Hello!" and "Goodbye!"
    By the way, the fake eyebrows episode was a favorite. That, and the time he got caught for shoplifting a book. "Swarm! Swarm!!"

  5. Oh my gosh Al, YES!! my hubby and I love to say, "Swarm! Swarm!!" That is also the famous "it was in the bathroom" episode right? Too funny!! Love it!

  6. That was one of my favourite episodes of Seinfeld!! Sad to hear of "Uncle Leo's" passing! What a funny man :)

  7. I haven't gone the kindle route yet either. I don't think I'm going to--I really like the feel of a book in my hands and the smell of the pages.

  8. Uncle Leo died? i had no idea before i read this. sad indeed. he was funny as hell. i still watch Sienfield religously. and i'm not even from the States. :P

    and ur welcome! super happy i made you a believer! it's a great drink. :-) and this--> "One, twice...three times a lady!" is halarious! lol it's something my sister would do. good times. great post.

  9. @George, your welcome and yes, you're right about the mom and pops
    @Katsidhe - I know sad :(
    @Amber - Yeah that is why I wrote that about the Scorpios cause I remembered you were too!
    @Jess- I know, right?
    @EmptyNester - I feel the same way, especially about smelling the pages, my Mom and I used to do that with children's books when I was little, we loved to smell them, I thought we were kind of weird but that is a favorite memory of mine!
    @Nerd Girl - Sorry to be the one to tell you and
    thanks again so much!

  10. It was the famous "that book is flagged" episode. A great one.

  11. I hadn't heard about Uncle Leo. How sad.
    I also do not want books to go away. I don't have a kindle either and I really don't want one.
    It's fun to curl up with a book but kinda hard to do that with a computer.

  12. it was so warm today... I actually had an iced coffee for the first time in so long. It hit the spot. It wasn't new or special in anyway.. just refreshing and made me long for spring even more! :)

  13. @Al - Exactly! this book is flagged lol
    @Ruth - I feel the same way, a Kindle just feels so artificial and cold, I don't care that I can put 2,000 books on it, you know?
    @Tracy - I know I SO wish it was Spring right now, for real and not just a trick!