Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day!

Well folks, it looks like its going to be an Early Spring! YAAAAAYY!! YES!! Hallelujah! This is what I will be anxiously waiting for, sunny days, flowers blooming, warm weather, taking walks around our gorgeous lake..will it REALLY come early this year? Who knows..probably not, but I really hate the winter, all the ice and snow and being cooped up inside going stir crazy. I am sick of it.
So this morning, good old "Staten Island Chuck" New York City's official groundhog didn't see his shadow which means Spring will come early.
I would like to dedicate this post not just to the day but to the movie, Groundhog Day. I love Bill Murray so much and have seen almost all his movies. It is funny how as a little girl in the 80s I had a crush on these "older" gentlemen like Bruce Willis and Bill Murray. I think its because I loved their comedy and their charm so much. Age didn't matter! Haha
The part I love so much about that movie is that it shows how incredibly insane and monotonous day to day life can become. In the movie, he starts to literally re-live the same day over and over again. I love the part where he jumps into the tub with the toaster that is plugged in!! So funny.
Doesn't life feel that way to most of us, sometimes? I know that now that I in my 30s and I live in the scary cubicle world day in and day out, I sometimes feel like I am living in that movie too. Don't get me wrong, as I have stated over and over before, I am VERY GRATEFUL and THANK GOD for my job and all of my blessings. I am just expressing how soul crushing it can be to sit in a box, day after day, going through thousands of documents and typing your life away. When you get into a routine, it can be very healthy to give yourself stability and structure. It can also drive you into a rut where you feel like a robot, mindlessly repeating the same tasks over and over at nauseum!
So to all of you out there going through your daily routines in this work-a-day world,  if you feel like you are re-living the same day over and over I understand! Break out of the ordinary and hum-drum and make today a little different or more interesting for yourself. Treat yourself to something special. And remember Spring is just around the corner (yeah right!)


  1. One of my other blogging friends wrote about Groundhog Day and this weather forecaster not be able to see his shadow! As I said to her, although I've seen the film, I didn't really know that there was an actual Groundhog Day, and I'm sure that she was making it up, but perhaps it IS true! I'm certainly with you on this cold weather. I hate being cold. In fact, I am just going to turn the central heating on right now. I've shivered long enough! Take care.

  2. Come on down here- we are having horribly hot weather (I prefer cold) and Bill Murray lives not 10 minutes from us! Seriously!

  3. Really?! That is so awesome, I am on my way!

  4. That movie seriously hilarious. I haven't seen it in a few years and I've been feeling the need to watch it again, so I may just have to do that.

    I like the idea of treating yourself to something special/different sometimes. Sometimes I can get through a work day just knowing that I have a pedicure scheduled for the end of the week or that I'm going to get my hair done or something like that.

  5. I totally agree Jess! Sometimes thinking about that night's TV shows to make me laugh is the only thing that gets me through the day! I will send a thank you/shout out to you in my next post for following! Thanks! :)

  6. waaaaait a minute...Doesn't anyone else want to know where Thisisme lives??? Because, if she hasn't heard of Groundhog Day, she must be living somewhere where the weather is not so DEBILITATING, that we have to enlist a freaking groundhog each year to give us HOPE.

  7. I feel for all of your in the northeast. Would it be wrong to tell you it's going to be 68 degrees here today in Phoenix. Yes, definetly wrong. My bad.