Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day and Case of the Muunnnddaaaays

Hey Everyone!
Happy Valentine's Day again. I already did my big V-day post so I won't overwhelm you with hearts and love and all of that.
I want to do a new post on Mondays, inspired by one of the funniest movies ever, called "Office Space"
So for Free for All Fridays, I will post random things going on that are giving me joy or grief. Well Case of the Muuuuunndaaaays will most likey be venting or rants of complaints that you may relate to or think are funny. We will see how these go.

Before all the fun gets underway, I would like to say a very big and sincere THANK YOU and SHOUT out to my 2 newest followers! I am up to 42! That is ever closer to my current goal of 50. Wow! Thanks to you new comers for taking an interest in my blog. Thanks to ladydayton at, I am digging her photography, go check it out and follow her as well.
And Thanks to Kelly Caffee over at, wow a Mom blogger that truly inspires. I am working on just having one and that terrifies the poop out of me! Go check her out too and share the love, as I always say!

Ok, ahem, back to the complaining! I try to keep it positive and avoid the stinking thinking but some things drive us bonkers, insano and out of our minds. Here are a few recent happenings that have driven me to the brink!

1) STATIC SHOCKS: During the winter months, I tend to have a constant forcefield of static surrounding me and flowing through my body at all times. I keep shocking myself when I go to turn on the computer or when I go to turn on the light or even when I go to kiss my husband. He has been poking my face lately before going in for a kiss as to see if I am "charged" or not! This is getting ridiculous. We have two large, cozy, fuzzy blankets on our couch for the winter. Well cuddling up with those and having a fleece on at the same time is a receipe for static disaster! I am so sick of the feeling of the shock. Ugh, I hate it! Then in our room at night it is so dark that you can see the static electricity when you move the down comforter around, pretty wild.

2) TURNING RED: I am a pale white girl and like most, pale white women I turn red when I am embarrassed. But I sometimes turn red when I don't want to, when I am not embarrassed at all and the more I want the redness to stop the more it comes and comes. I hate this so much, because I can't control it or make it stop. I just have to let myself turn red as a beet and have the other person feel as uncomfortable as I am and then let it go away when its ready. It happens all the time, it happened when I went to go get the Meange A Trois wine over the weekend. I am 33, but I pulled out my bank card and my license and gave it to the young man working at the liquor store and I said, "Here you go, I am really old but I will give it to you anyway" And then I felt my cheeks getting a little warm and I thought, No, Nooo, please not now! I am not even embarrased body! Why must you do this to me!" And so he made some small talk with me and tried to be nice but I was clearly pre-occupied by how purple-red my face was turning. I quickly signed my slip and ran out of the store!

3) THERE IS SOMETHING STUCK IN YOUR TEEFF" I know everyone has experienced this. Over the weekend I also enjoyed a little Chipotle lunch before I headed to the liquor store. I was in the car on my way to the store when I did the teeth check in the rearview mirror and there it was a big nasty dark green piece of something Mexican in between my teeth. Its always in this one spot and so tough to get out! So I sit there in the parking lot and try to get it out with my hand, my tongue, sucking action, a piece of paper but nothing would work! So embarrassing..maybe that is why I turned red at the liquor store and then I probably smiled and he saw the big green thing stuck there. OMG! Help Me!

But seriously folks, I had a great Valentine's Day and I hope you do too!

Here are some pictures from our Valentine's Day:


  1. I worked with a gal who is fair skinned. She liked to show off her "tan" to us in the summer months. It really wasn't tan, it was just pink, but she was so proud that it wasn't white.
    Office space is a great movie for people who work in an office environment.

  2. Ugh, the blushing thing!! I'm not even fair skinned but I totally get it! I am the most awkward person in the world and I blush over the stupidest things possible. And, it makes it even worse when someone points out that I'm starting to blush because it just makes me blush even more. Not good, not good at all!

  3. I honestly thought I was the only person in the world the blushing thing happened to. It's been like that since, IDK, my 20s or so- embarrassed or not, suddenly, for no reason, a RED FACE. I hate it! Now, they just think it's menopause. But I'm not doing that yet either!

  4. @George - I like that story, poor desperate pale people and yes, Office Space is so fabulous if you work in that kind of office, which I do.
    @Jess and EmptyNester - thank you ladies! I am so glad I don't suffer alone and there are other red-faced cuties out there too! Wouldn't it be cool if you could somehow make it stop!?!

  5. LOL, we got the static thing going on here too. One day Honeyman and I kissed and our lips hurt so bad from the shock we both got. Ever since he rubs his cheek against mine to make sure we are OK and than he kisses me. If I go to give him a kiss he redirects my face to a cheek brush first.

  6. i tend to blush a lot too, but i think my wild & crazy 20's drove a lot of the shame out of me because now i do it less violently than i used to.
    do you remember my post about "pablo, my love"? just one more reason why i love him. he'll take care of almost any tooth issue & you'll never be stuck w/ food in the teeth anymore.

  7. @Ruth - isn't the static the worst, I tend to yell out in pain sometimes and that just makes it worse! haha
    @Sherilin - its getting worse for me it seems, happening all the freaking time, it must be hormones at play, I will have to re-read that post
    @Ruth - thanks, right back at ya! :)