Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Really? 30 Followers Today! Another Goal Achieved!

I am super excited to announce at the end of this exciting Groundhog day that I now have 30 followers! Wow! Yippee! I am beyond excited! I am thrilled and so appreciative. I am ready to keep writing witty and  funny and hopefully interesting posts as much as I can in 2011!
So an enormous THANK YOU and another SHOUT OUT to my newest followers Vinny C at and Nerd Girl at The Non-adventures of a Gay Girl, as I always say, you both rock socks! Check out her blog, she's pretty fabulous!
Thank you both for following. My readers mean the world to me and you inspire me to keep writing and as I also always say, "bringing the funny"!
Cheers to a great Wednesday, Goal of 30 achieved, I think I should go as far as to make my new goal....FIFTY, that's right people I am going right past 40 and headed for the big 5-0! Why not? I am dreaming BIG this year.
Tomorrow's post : Celebrating Chinese New Year, The Year of the Rabbit!! Happy New Year everyone! I have a really good feeling about this year!

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  1. You're gathering bunches of new followers right now!! Well done. We all need a little something to smile about right now.