Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Say WHAAAAT?! Wednesdays

So I am making a new trend (there are so many for my blog now, try to keep up) its called Say WHAAT?! Wednesdays. I will post all of the goings on and try to keep it positive, since Mondays is reserved for complaining and venting my troubles out.

1) Thank you to my newest follower Kerri @ for being my newest follower, you in your cute little shoes rock!! I am sooo close to 50 people, can you feel it? I can!!

2) I saw something so inspiring and just really beautiful today. On the license plate frame in front of me it said, "Thanks Chad for the two lungs" and they had a donate life sticker as well. Wow! What a gift to give someone else! I have a co-worker who dontated her kidney. Consider becoming a organ donor on your license at least. If God forbid, you die in a car crash or something, you won't need them anyway and they could save someone else's life.

3) Tracy over at, one of my favorite blogs, inspired me to write about my anxious waiting for Spring's arrival. I love the Spring. I love coming outside and feeling the warm sun on my skin, breathing in the flower scented air and hearing the birds singing. And the animal babies!! We spend a lot of time at our beautiful lake and I love to see all the little duck babies or gosslings waddling around following their  parents, so cute! What a magical time in nature. A time of renewal, rebirth and beautiful weather. I hope I can make a baby soon too! We have certainly had fun trying!

Last Friday it was 70 glorious degrees outside and I felt like their were rainbows and butterflies coming out of my butt as I walked around our lake! HAHA, kind of like the scene in Anchorman with the rainbows and unicorns...

Most of all I am trying to desperately get the F out of the spare bedroom, working out on the elliptical day in and day out and outside into the sunshine and fresh air!! We only have about a month until the official start of spring, March 20th and I can't wait, for that and St. Patrick's Day too. I am Irish and my sister Patty was born on St. Patrick's Day, so I really love it.

So there is as much positivity as I can muster, but today is a frustrating day for me. As you know, I don't talk about my job that much because I work for the government. As you all know, the economy is on the rocks and they may shut the government down, which I am very angry about because this will obviously affect my paycheck. I don't want to make this into a big political blog and I realize many of you may not agree with my politics but I am a huge liberal and a democrat and to me, this is just another way for the stupid, rich Republicans to try to control things and I really hate them for it. Ok, now I am stepping down off my soap box. If I lose followers now because of this, than that is ok with me, because I am likely to go off about something concerning politics in the future!

Here are some pictures of Spring themed things to brighten your day. I know I have included this before but I just love the Norman Rockwell painting of "Springtime" that I have hanging in our house.

 From the Rainbows and Unicorn part of "Anchorman"
  The Lake right around the corner from our house

 Easter Lily from last year
 Around our house last Spring, and its really sad because these trees have been cut back almost all of them gone because of disease and termites, glad I took pictures when I did!


  1. Well darlin.. thanks for the shout out... the irony, the snow is coming down in buckets this morning... oh those poor little fleurs with their little buds.. love the pics, sorry to hear about the trees coming down! have a fantabulous day sugar pie!

  2. I like Norman Rockwell paintings, Anchorman, lakes, lillies and pretty budding trees. But I'm 180 from you on politics. Now I can never visit here again, or later today which ever comes first.

  3. @Kerri - Your welcome!
    @Tracy - I know it snowed here yesterday too and it was like 18 degrees this morning, ugh.
    @George - you're funny, I understand, you are not alone, I am sure MANY of my readers aren't like me, but I hope you keep reading and commenting

  4. I saw the first picture & thought, "So that's what springtime feels like! Like necking with a pedophilic fairy".


    Great positive vibes you got going there.

  5. I think she is whispering to him all of the secrets and magic of Springtime and thanks! :)

  6. I'll bet a lot more of your readers are like you and a lot less are like me. Sometimes I'm not like me.

  7. i probably don't share your politics, but i'm also not any kind of rich, so i guess i can't be condemned along with those "rich repulicans". i like my friends to have more than just one flavor, so it's not a problem for me.

  8. Beautiful photos of Spring. Just what I needed right now. Hopefully the worst is now behind us. It will be March next week, so onwards and upwards! Good post.

  9. @Sherilin - Thanks for being open-minded with me :) I don't usually go on political rants, just try to make everyone laugh, but it was heavy on my mind yesterday
    @Thisisme - I really hope that was the last snow/ice event for the year. Thanks :)

  10. now I want to know precisely what GEORGE is like...

    Anyhoo, lovely pictures JD, and that bumper sticker would knock the crustiness out of anyone, methinks.

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