Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Weekend In Review

Well it was quite a big weekend out there for all you football fans, I look forward to the Superbowl for a few things: getting to eat junk food, the commercials and the half time show ( if I like the performer that is)
This year proved to be pretty uneventful. The commercials weren't as good as last year. But I will highlight my favorites and I will include the video links too

1) The Darth Vadar VW commercial was very cute
2) The Carmax commercial with the changing people
3) The TV moments of the past - Happy Days, The Simpsons, 90210, etc. pretty fun

But what was even better was there was a show of the best Superbowl commercials and they had this one for Career Builder that I think pure comic genius! I love it, I will make sure to include that one too.

I didn't like the half time show at all and I knew I wouldn't because the performer was the Black Eyed Peas who I named the Black Eyed Poops last night. I strongly dislike their music and find it highly obnoxious but they always have to add some extra surprises in there and Fergie ended up singing "Sweet Child of Mine" as Slash came out of the stage. It was very bizzare and cheesy. Oh well, I really liked it when Prince performed, U2, Tom Petty, or Bruce Springsteen (Bruce SpringSprung to my Mom! haha!). Hopefully next year they will pick someone better!

Joe and finished watching Six Feet Under this past weekend. I kept trying to prepare him mentally, telling him "Its the saddest thing I have ever seen! You are going to sob!" Even though I had seen it before and knew exactly what was going to happen, I found my self doing the "ugly cry" and crying uncontrollably yet again. This time I wasn't screaming out in pain like I did the first time. But it took its toll on me, one of the most depressing, lovely, beautifully heart-breaking and "emotionally riveting" (to quote my husband) shows that were ever created. A truly exquiste masterpiece of human life and death.

It was a warm and sunny 45 degrees here yesterday and a very loud bird was outside our window singing very loudly (see previous posts) So my desperate longing for Spring caused me to feel shocked and exhilarated. I even put on my sunglasses! So I begged Joe to go to the lake with me after the errrands were done and he reluctantly agreed. But since there was so much melting snow and recent rain, there was huge puddles of standing water and mud and melted snow everywhere. I didn't think about the fact that I was wearing my Addias Climacool shoes complete with HUGE VENTILATION HOLES even on the BOTTOM!!! So I went walking bravely onto the wet grass and immediately got freezing cold melted snow water in my shoes! AHHH!! The more I walked the more water that came into my shoe causing me to gasp huge gulps of air in pain and surprise. More water also got in because there are holes on the side. So we had to get in the car and go home and I had to get on the stupid elliptical machine as usual, I was so mad! I am so sick of being cooped up inside on that stupid machine. I want to be outside, breathing the fresh air and admiring our beautiful lake and nature. Oh well, I guess I have to wait for another few weeks.

Over the weekend I saw two really cool shows for the first time. The first one is called "Stan Lee's Superhumans" Stan Lee the creator of Spiderman and other Marvel Comics, has this Superhuman young man go all around the world and find people who have incredible abilities that defy the laws of physics and nature. One man could climb trees and walls and mountain sides just like a monkey. He actually learned all of his skills from monkeys in India. He supported all of his body weight on his finger tips. It was freaky! The next man could feel no pain, he would put thick needles right through his arm or his face and there wouldn't be any blood or pain, it was really crazy. Apparently, he has trained his brain to go into a hypnotic state where he can block out the pain, they took him to one of the world's leading experts on pain and hooked him up to sensors and showed how his brain wasn't showing any signs of pain when they inflicted a great deal of pressure to one of the most sensitive parts of the spine. That was so amazing. Another man could attract objects to his head and hold them suspended in air to his skull. He says that he discovered this power when he was meditating and objects in his ktichen were being drawn to him. He says that when he sees this very bright light then he knows he can hold the object to his body and defy the laws of gravity. The last guy they called the Wolf man, he left his family (pretty crazy) to go and live with a pack of wolves. They showed him drag a big, dead carcass in with a hungry pack of wolves and he "defended his portion" while making these crazy looking faces at the other wolves, where he bared his teeth and stuck his tongue out in between the teeth. They also did a digital recorded of the man's howl and compared to that of an actual wolf and it was the same. This show is really fascinating to watch. It reminds me of the show Heroes that Joe and I used to like to watch, because they really are finding people with super-human abilities. You will be blown away by these people so check it out. Its on the History Channel.

The other show is called " An Idiot Abroad" this is a show where Ricky Gervais (whom I adore and think is so funny) sends his friend, Karl Pilkington around the globe as a giant practical joke on this poor man who seems to have no interest at all in learning about other cultures or wonders of the world. You watch as he struggles to find decent hotel rooms, toliets, food and friendly people to help him along. His constant complaining is so funny and you really do feel bad for him, but at the same time I feel a little bit jealous and mad that he gets to travel to these magical and wonderous places and he isn't even appreciating the beauty and spiritual magnificence all around him. A Yogi takes him to bathe in the Ganges river in India and he is very uncomfortable and doesn't want to do it. The man is so sweet and kind and when Karl is leaving he gives him a hug and tells him to love himself please. This brought a tear to my eye because I thought this little Indian yogi was so nice and his message was so simple, enjoy life, love yourself. I think that many of us, especially Americans live our entire lives and may not learn to do these two things. We are so obsessed with achieving more, worried about money, bills, status, things, consume, consume. Do we really love ourselves and eachother the way we should? I know I am getting a little too deep and serious about a funny show. But there was so much beauty, I say a baby elephant taking a bath, we got to see the Taj Mahal. But don't get me wrong, I would be complaining right along side of Karl if I were there, the toliets were scary if there were any and the bus rides looked very uncomfortable, there was extreme poverty and choas everywhere and that is hard to take when you are a sheltered, relatively well off British man or American. I have only seen the China visit and the India visit, but I can't wait to see all the episodes. His constant commentary on his experience is so funny and just to hear Ricky Gervais crack up is so irrestibly hilarious alone. I highly recommend this new show too. Its on the Science Channel (which I also think is odd cause I would think it would be on Travel or Comedy Central).

The Darth Vader Superbowl commercial:

The Carmax Superbowl commercial:

"TV memories" NFL Superbowl commercial:

Funniest and Greatest Superbowl commercial from the past:


  1. i was going to reply to you via email, but i guess you don't have an email address linked.

    there isn't a network like that where we live. and actually, in the state where i live, you're not allowed to homeschool anyone's kids but your own. not even neices, nephews or grandkids. but i'd be happy to answer any questions i can about homeschooling for you. this is our 4th year with me as the teacher & i was the homeschool student for 8 years.

  2. My favorite commercials this year were: the Bridgestone beaver; Pepsi can thrower; Doritos house sitting; and, from last year, Doritos-dog gets revenge. I agree that the Darth Vader one was cute...I just hate car commercials. Oh, alos agree- Ricky Gervais is a hoot!

  3. @Sherlin - sent you a message
    @EmptyNester - OOHH I forgot the beaver one too! That was so cute!!

  4. I'll have to watch those commercials when I get home from work. I fully intended to try and catch some of them last night and then I have no idea what happened, but I missed them all. I did watch the halftime show, which I thought was brutal. Totally brutal. Fergie singing with Slash sort of made me mad.

  5. I liked the tv memories too. And was not impressed with the BEP show either. I also hope they get someone who can sing the national anthem next year.

  6. There must have been some funny ones, I'm pretty sure I laughed but maybe it was the wine talking.

    Thanks for following me, hooray!

  7. @Jess - totally agree, I was a big G&R fan in the 80s and I was mad too and weirded out! haha!

    @Ruth - I can't believe I forgot to mention the Christina Aguliera messing up part! I had so much to discuss! That was awful!

    @Mrs. Tuna, I love wine more than I can ever say, I am digging your blog, my husband and I never know what to make for dinner, the every day gets exhausting doesn't it?!