Tuesday, March 29, 2011


That's right I am preggers, knocked up, bun in the oven, expecting a wonderful miracle of life that is growing so much everyday inside of me! WOW, I have been waiting to write about it FOR WEEKS, but I knew that I should wait until I was a little farther along and I went to the doctors to see how my "little love bug" is doing. Joe and I went to the doctors today and everything is going great. We even got to see the baby and they gave us a picture to take home. It is still very early but we couldn't be more excited and happy!! I have been eluding to this in my previous posts but you my dear follower and readers had no clue. When I was writing about being soo freaking tired and just wanting to sleep the weekend away this was why. When I was writing about how upset I was at people driving erratically and my resulting road rage, this is why.
But now I can turn this blog into my own personal PREGNANCY BLOG! To all my male followers if you are squeamish at subject matters such as vagina's, discharge, boob pain, placenta, or any pregnancy or childbirth related topics, well, you have been warned. Now I can unleash all the experiences that I have been having for the last couple of months. And let me tell you it has not been fun or pretty! Today was fun because I got to see my little angel in there, but it came along with being poked, proded, squeezed and drained of 3 tubes of blood. And for someone who is nauseous ALL the time, this is tough to get thorough.
Here is some of what is going on:

BIONIC WOMAN STRENGTH SENSE OF SMELL!  I feel like I can smell scents that are 50 miles away. This can be a good thing if its delicious food making its way closer to my mouth, but it can be VERY BAD if its stinky like rotting trash or someone's old, nasty perfume or cigarette smoke. UGH, I wish I had a dial and I could turn the sense of smell down a few notches when I am in certain situations. I feel like the Bionic Woman - remember when she could hear things that were miles and miles away? Well I don't remember if she had an incredible sense of smell but I certainly do! They could hire a bunch of crazy pregnant women to hunt down criminals, cause blood hounds ain't got nothing on me right now!

WAVES OF NAUSEA They coined the term "morning sickness" related to pregnancy but it doesn't just come in the morning but rather sticks around all day. I am hoping that I get a break from this when I get to my 2nd trimester, but for now its feeling pretty "green" all day. I am eating Saltine crackers like there is no tomorrow. They help, the constant water drinking helps, but its still there. I have had dizzy spells and those are scary too because you don't want to fall down at all during this time. I am so proud to report that I have not actually tossed my cookies once yet! I have heard horror stories about other women who I know who threw up almost everyday of their ENTIRE pregnancy. I don't think I could take that. I credit my wonderful pre-natal vitamin which I got because I read the many reviews of women who said it helped them conceive and to keep nausea at bay. Its New Chapter Perfect Pre-natal and I highly recommend it. Although, I do have to take separate Calcium and DHA supplements.

A friend of mine said that it takes the same amount of energy every day to grow a human being as it does to climb a mountain. Well I can attest that I am so freaking tired from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. If I didn't have a full time job, I would probably be taking 2-3 hour naps everyday.  I am almost too tired right now to be typing this blog post. I recently purchased a "Boppy" pregnancy pillow and I am so happy that I did. Not only are you always tired but you can't seem to get comfortable and you have indigestion and gas, its a mess. PLUS, you have to get up about every 2 hours during the night to pee. So then you are even more tired from having your sleep constantly interrupted.

GAS, FARTS, BURPS and MORE GAS    I already have digestive issues as you know since I have written about them before, but now I have CONSTANT gas. I belch and burp repeatedly in the morning when I haven't even had one sip of water or morsel of food.  There are sounds that come from my abdominal region that I didn't know were possible. Plus, sometimes the gas just keeps coming and you have to let it go and then comes the horrendous smell which does not bode well with the constant nausea!! It is also accompanied by constipation so I try to take fiber all the time to keep things flowing, because you don't want to strain cause that leads to the hemmoroids!  EEEK! 

VERY SORE BOOBIES I knew that I would have sore boobs, but WOW this is really bad and they are growing bigger, they are already too big to begin with and now they could get a few cup sizes bigger!! This is going to be a huge struggle for me. I honestly don't know what I am going to do as far as getting bras that will fit and be comfortable. I have done plenty of research already but I live in constant fear that I will be knitting my own very soon. If anyone has advice about good places to big very large bras I would really appreciate it.

But seriously, Joe and I have been blessed and we are so happy and excited and we honestly can't believe it ourselves!! YAY BABY!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Free for All Fridays

Hey Everyone - this is going to be a short, sweet and pretty random Free For All Fridays blog post. I am tired (recurring theme!), its the end of the week and I have a lot to accomplish today.

1) THE TOURIST - while I do love Johnny Depp very much this movie was pretty awful. I didn't even finish it, so instead of recommending it, I am encouraging everyone to SKIP IT!

2)THE OFFICE - Last night, on one of my favorite shows, The Office, Michael Scott proposed to Holly and announced that he would be moving with her to Colorado. Die hard Office fan that I am I have known for quite some time that Michael - Steve Carrell was leaving. I must say this is going to be hard for me because he is such a central part to the show. I will miss him, and the big announcement last night is that Will Ferrell might be taking his place. Will Ferrell is hilarious but it is going to feel really weird to me. The show has been so important to me, I have watched from the very beginning when I began my first office job and I immediately fell in love. Then I got my husband into it and he was hooked, we like to think that we are like Jim and Pam, although we did not meet at work. The writing has always been so funny and the actors are so great. I will miss you Steve Carrell.

3) HAPPINESS - I have realized over this last week (what I already know) that I am so very blessed and lucky to have the love and happiness that I have in my life. People spend so much time trying to get more money, a bigger house, a shinier, bigger car, but how often do you ask your friends and loved ones, "How are you doing..REALLY?" and "Are you happy?" Its worth more than gold, worth more than all the riches of the world. To be happy with the life you are building, what you are creating and the love you are making. Maybe that sounds like some corny lyrics to a song but it is so true. I haven't always been this happy and when I celebrate it on facebook and post a picture of flowers that Joe gave me I am NOT doing it to brag, or to show off, I am doing it so I can celebrate MY JOY that is here NOW. To recognize it and not take ANY OF IT FOR GRANTED!! I wish this happiness for everyone. I am not saying that I don't have struggles, frustrations or problems. Everyone does. But there is FAR too much misery on the loose and this week I have been overwhelmed with news of other people's suffering. I will continue to pray for them, that they find a better day soon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So this is another SAY WHHHAAAAAAAT?? Wednesday and today I have good news, GREAT news, FABULOUS AND FANTASTIC News and it relates to my last post about road rage and the dreaded awful commute I have to suffer through twice a day. I can start telecommuting next week for one day a week!! YAY!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!
It will be so nice after the weekend, on Sunday night to NOT have to feel the dread of beginning another work week on Monday morning. INSTEAD - I can wake up, stretch and STAY in my pajamas and go downstairs and log on and start working. This will also help out to save on gas, considering it has reached a soaring $3.74 in some places in my neighborhood.
I had to work at this job for a year before I was eligilble to apply for teleworking. And my year anniversary was last week and I was sure to turn those papers in right away. Another reason its great is because its a virtual ghost town in my office on Mondays. Not many people here at all (either teleworking or on a compressed work schedule). My co-worker is not happy because I am abandoning her but I have to do it! I live much farther away than most people here and the commute really wears me down.

As we move into a more paperless, technology driven world, more and more offices are offering this to their employees. It is such a great idea. Unfortunately I do have to be in the office most of the week, I have to print hundreds, sometimes over a thousand pages of documents and I can't do that from home. I also need to retrieve files and receive packages related to my cases, so I don't know how I could do it for more than one day a week. But the other great aspect is that I can telework in cases of  inclement weather. When there are dangerous road conditions due to ice or snow or both, then they will make an announcement telling employees that they have the option to telework. So awesome! I used FAR too much of my vacation days this year because I wasn't willing to drive in the snow and ice, so in the future, I will be able to save those precious days.

Today I am grateful and happy! THANK YOU GOD FOR TELEWORKING!!!

This is not me and I don't have any silky pajamas but imagine the same idea with big plaid PJ pants and you've got the idea! :)

This is more like it and these slippers look EXACTLY like mine!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

March Showers

The saying goes, "April Showers bring May Flowers" Well, here in Maryland its more like March showers and continued April showers. We had a beautiful weekend, sunny and gorgeous warm weather. I didn't get to go on our trip because my nephew was sick with Strep throat and I didn't want to catch it. That is okay, we are planning on going in April.

I woke up on this lovely (sarcasm) Monday Morning to loud thunder, which is kind of weird to hear around 6:30 in the morning. I looked outside and took a very deep breath, more like a huge sigh. The down pour was torrential and I knew I was headed for an interesting ride. The terrifying part came when I was coming up a hill and there were two trucks pulled over blocking the shoulder, at the same time a huge commuter bus was trying to squeeze by in the lane next to me. I had to silently pray that I would get to work safely. Now that day lights savings time has happened I have to drive to work in the dark, as well. So it was dark and stormy - such a great combination for disaster to strike! I don't know why everyone seems to drive more erracticly and insane when it rains but lately I have had zero patience for aggressive drivers who either ride my ass or try to speed up really close so they can speed around you and cut you off. Basically I have no tolerance for idiots out there and there are SOOOOO MANY!! Have these people never heard of hydro-planing? Have they never slammed on their brakes just to find their car is skidding and still going farther and farther forward!??! I know this may all seem a bit dramatic, but around here you can lose your mind from trying to get to work and get home safely. I feel like I have to fight a war with the dangerous, oblivious, and just plain A$$holes out there in a rush. And speaking of rush, where is the fire people?? I know that your job probably isn't that important. It doesn't matter THAT MUCH if you get to the office at 7:55 or 8:00. Its a world of impatient people and I understand, you are frustrated after sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for over an hour just to get to your office, a place most of you would rather not be, but endangering your life and the life of all of those around your vehicle, NOT WORTH IT!!
Recently, they have passed a law that made it illegal to drive and talk on your cell or text for that matter. I can't even imagine texting while driving. SERIOUSLY? That is the most idiotic thing that I can imagine, I have been guilty of quick calls on my cell to my husband on my way home. But I see these people out there still holding their phones to their face for miles and miles. To these people I say, Hang up and drive. If its a dire emergency that you must flap your gums in the wind while you drive, then use a freaking blue tooth that is what they were created for! Or pull over and talk if its really an emergency. But is it REALLY an emergency? Probably not. You could learn a little self control and wait until you get home or to your next non-moving destination.
Sorry for the angry RANT with SO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS today, but I am so fed up, beyond fed up. I hope that everyone will drive safely this week and watch out for the dangerous, rude, impatient and ultimately extremely selfish a-holes that flood our roadways!! And just to add to the fun, its supposed to rain on Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday too!!! OH JOY!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


hey everyone, I will be going out of town tomorrow to visit my sister Patty (today is her birthday) and my cute niece and nephew. I hope everyone has a fantastic and fun-filled St. Patrick's Day! Since I will be gone for a few days I am taking a mini-blog hiatus but don't fret my pets I will be back on Monday! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


First I must say a huge Thank You to my newest follower, thanks Elliot Mcleod-Michael over @ http://appellatesky.blogspot.com/, up to 51!

I have wanted to do this post for a long time. I knew it would take time and I would want it to be great. I wanted to honor so many people who I consider my personal heroes.
Now these are people who speak to my life and who I admire and adore. That isn't to say that they are saintly, but they made a lasting and important impact on my life.

There are people who will always inspire me and who give their lives to serve others and to make the world a better place. These are the true heroes, people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Dali Llama, Mother Teresa and others who truly deserve praise. But this list is a little different. This is my special hand-picked list of people who made my heart smile and most of them made me laugh, and maybe even cry, over the years.

1) JIM HENSON This man was a creative genius. He created the beloved Muppets and all of the characters on Seame Street. I loved watching Seasme Street when I was little. I loved all of the monsters so, so much but my favorite was probably Grover. When he would sit and have his one-to-one talks with the kids. So perfect! Being a child of the 80s, I loved the Muppets Show too and all the Muppet movies.  I am so lucky I was a child during this time. Seasme Street is different now, it was better back then. I mean where else could you see Stevie Wonder jamming out to "Very Superstitious" with a bunch of kids and muppets around, except on Seasme street in the 70s. Nowhere, that is where! It is simply childhood, fuzzy feeling wonderment, smiles and happiness.
And do you know he went to University of Maryland? Where I grew up AND went to college, pretty proud of that!!

2) LILY TOMLIN Another favorite lady comedian who also appeared on Seasme Street. She was so funny, from that show, to movies like, "The Incredilbe Shrinking Woman" to the telephone operator, Ernestine to her movie with Steve Martin, "All of Me", I just love her. Recently, she appeared in a very serious role on one of my favorite shows, "Damages".

3) DAVE CHAPPELLE I remember the first few times I saw Dave Chappelle, it was in movies like "Half Baked" and I thought he was really funny but I had no idea how funny he really was and what a comedic genius, until he started The Chappelle Show. And WOW, just WOW. I mean it was so brilliant, hilarious, original and so perfect. It was as if he was writing it specifically for me and my friends!! We would get together on the nights the show came on Comedy Central, I think it was Thursdays and have parties. We loved it. My husband and I tell other people that this show brought us together because we both emailed (remember we met online before we actually met) and we would talk about our favorite shows and music. So of course this was one of the first things we both talked about loving. He brought it along with him on our first date! Oh Dave, you're the best! REALLY!

4) CHRIS FARLEY  This man was such a ray of light and happiness. I loved him from the first time I saw him on Saturday Night Live. He was a master at phyiscal comedy. He not only made the guest stars crack up but the regular cast too. He was super funny in his movies, like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. When I was going through a difficult time, my sister got me the best of Chris Farley from SNL on DVD and I would watch it when I felt really low and really need to laugh. I was so sad when he passed away, what a loss

5) AMY TAN Ok, I know what you are all thinking, this is just a list of all of her favorite comedians but oh no, I R-E-A-D too!! I love the literary master and author, Amy Tan. You might know her most famous book, "The Joy Luck Club" which was also made into a movie. I love her style of writing, the way she can make me feel the raw emotion of her characters and always leave me wanting more. I have written about her books before in previous posts, and I will say again, if you haven't read her books, please give them a try. You won't be able to put the book down! I have always admired authors for being able to write like that. Plan out a whole novel and make the characters lives intertwine and make the story flow, make it relevant and most challenging of all make it so interesting and so powerful that you think about the story for years afterward. She has this gift and I admire her very much for it.

6) JEFF BUCKLEY:  I have to at least also feature one musician, there are so many that I love and adore, but one of my personal favorites is gotta be Jeff Buckley. His voice is so powerful and beautiful and truly, truly angelic. I like to think he was an angel. He only completed a few albums before his tragic death in the 90s. I was devastated. What an incredible artist lost. But his music will live on forever. If you haven't heard of him or you haven't heard his music, RUN don't walk and go out and get it, or run to your computer and give it a listen. His version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is a masterpiece, it will transcend you to a heavenly place, I guarantee it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, Monday..

So good to me...well not really, is it good to anyone? Your body is shocked back into reality that you can't sleep until a time that is comfortable and you must get up early and face another dreaded work week. This was daylights sayings weekend so SURPRISE, you get to lose another hour of precious shut eye!
But I did have a very nice weekend. The weather was beautiful and I got to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and the Spring like temperatures. We went to the lake, of course and I told Joe that I can't wait to see all the duck babies and the goslings. The water looked absolutely gorgeous glistening in the sunshine.

I got the cutest Easter Duck plush toy at Giant. I couldn't resist him he was too cute. Here is a picture of what he looks like

We saw a pretty good movie, "The Next Three Days" the new-er movie with Russel Crowe and Elizabeth Banks. It was very suspenseful and definitely kept my interest throughout. It was kind of similar to "Conviction" actually except that this time it is a husband who is desperate to prove his wife is innocent.

I am looking forward to this weekend. After St.Patrick's Day, I am going to Virginia to see my sister, Patty, who's birthday is St. Patrick's Day. I haven't seen her new house yet, so that will be fun and of course I get to see my adorable niece and nephew, Faith (4) and Aiden (6). They are too cute and because my entire family lives out of state I don't get to see them or visit them that often. Its supposed to be nice weather and of course it will be even warmer down there. I hope we can take a little trip to get some ice cream and walk around outside. You know, the simple pleasures in life. I will include the most recent picture I have of the two of them. Its from Halloween (obviously) :)

After St. Patrick's Day I will probably give the blog a new look. I like the green but I enjoy changing it up even more. So what are you guys doing for St. Patrick's Day? I want to hear about the Guinness guzzling and the Irish car bombs. All the drunken debauchery you have lined up..

Friday, March 11, 2011

Free For All Fridays

Hey Blogger World, a huge TGIF to you today. I am ESTACTIC and so HAPPY to announce that I have reached my goal of 50 followers!!!! YES!! I do feel exhuberant and charged like Molly Shannon's character when she says, " IIIIIIIIIIII"MMMMMM FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFIFFFTTTTY!" She is so awesome.

In more sobering and shocking news, I am sending out prayers and thoughts to all of those affected in Japan by the recent earthquake and tsunami. The pictures are mind-blowing. The one I saw with the wave looks like the movie Deep Impact when the huge wave topples the city.
I was concerned when I also saw that a tsnumai warning was in place for my precious Hawaii. As most of you know, that is where my husband and I got married and spent our honeymoon. It is such a wonderful and magical place. I can't wait to go back.

Last Sunday, I saw two shows that moved me to tears. One was a segment on 60 minutes about the growing problem of homelessness, especially amongst children in this country. It was so very heart breaking to hear them talk about their experience and to see the desperation and worry on their faces. I can't imagine how hard that would be. Last year when I left Grad School, I was unemployed for a short period of time and I was lost in a sea of depression, worry, anxiety and panic. I knew that my husband and I would be fine and that eventually I would find another job. But this economy is very scary, the job market, what happened to the housing market, what is going on now with the gas prices. I am not a doom and gloom kind of gal, but all this BS can get you down.

On the flip side of all of that, I also watched the show, "Secret Millionaire" this is where some millionaire meets people in a town and gives them a donation at the end. This woman gave to a music group that helps bring music education to under-priviledged kids, she gave to a organization that feeds the home-bound citizens of the community, she gave money to a family with a little girl who is battling cancer, that REALLY got to me, and finally she gave to a organization that decorates hospital rooms for kids who are suffering. I couldn't stop the constant flow of tears. The people were so grateful and these are really good people who give of themselves everyday to help others who need it so much. I wish all the millionaires and rich, CEOs out there would donate at least $100,000 to little organizations like this because they wouldn't receive from a bigger charity that a company might give to. Something to think about.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will be catching up on some MUCH NEEDED sleep. I just want to sleep for like a week. Or at least a few days. I love sleep!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Say Whaaaat Wednesdays

So I am going to make this a short post, a funny post for your entertainment and enjoyment. I have a ton of work and I was stuck in horrendous traffic this morning for 2 hours so I don't have the patience to put in a long post.
Yesterday I was very tired, I missed about 2 hours of sleep on Monday night. It was one of those situations where you wake up and you can't go back to sleep, then when you finally fall asleep, its is time for the alarm to go off. I was here hard at work yesterday and it was a long day. Trying to work on two cases at the same time and getting frazzled, stressed and plain old pooped, tired and weary. It was the end of the long work day and my co-worker had been sneezing all day, poor thing and all day I had been saying Bless you, Bless you. But this time, I was writing where I had left off in my case, so I was writing the words, "LEFT OFF.." so when she sneezed,,, AAAAHHHCCHOOO, I screamed the word, "LEFT!!!" instead of "Bless you" It was pretty funny! I started cracking up from all the insanity and delirium that was taking place.
Then when I told my co-worker why I screamed out Left!! instead of Bless you! she said I reminded her of those Bing commercials where the people are standing there like a deer in headlights, saying "Mom Jeans, jeans that moms wear..." I am sure I did look just like that! Too funny!

I will save my other things for Friday. See you guys then. Also, I don't think I will do a movie review post again because I only got one comment and it was about something unrelated to my post. I guess it was my Spoiler Alert at the top. So that's ok, now I know what not to do, thanks Sherilin for commenting anyway!

Here is the link to the Bing Commercial in case you haven't seen it a couple hundred times!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Movie Review Day

This is a movie review about 2 movies "Conviction" and "The American", if you haven't seen either movie yet, I want to warn you, I might reveal some part of either movie that might spoil it for you. 

Before I start I discovered this morning to my delight that I am up to 48 followers! YES! So close to my goal of 50! I would like to THANK KW at http://www.corecontrarian.blogspot.com/ for joining the ranks of awesome, spectacular readers, and commenter's of my humble little blog.
We are going to take a break from the usual complaining and grumbling that would go on in a Case of the Muuundaaays. This past weekend I saw a really good movie, "Conviction". It stars Hilary Swank, Sam Rockwell, Minny Driver and recent Oscar winner Melissa Leo. Hilary Swank not only stars in it and in my opinion does a fabulous job, she is also one of the executive producers. Hillary Swank is such a talented actor and always makes me believe that she is really the person who she is pretending to be. She was so amazing in Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby. In this movie, she plays the part of Betty Ann Waters, who works tirelessly to get her GED, her Bachelors and finally her law degree just to be able to get her brother out of jail, who has been sentenced to life without parole for a murder. I like the fact that throughout the movie you aren't sure if the brother did it or not, most of all you feel the character's doubt, frustration, desperation and fear about how they will reverse this 18 year old sentence. I thought that the movie was pretty great, it really was an emotionally riveting and amazing story about a sister's deep love and devotion to her brother. I highly recommend it. And as I said to Joe over the weekend, Hilary Swank doesn't usually do bad movies and she rarely disappoints. All of the actors did a great job. I just can't believe the strength and determination of the real life characters. I think that the real life Betty Ann Waters should win some kind of metal from the president or someone cause she deserves it!! She was also trying to support two kids the entire time she was putting her self through all of that schooling and working in a bar as a waitress. And as I have shared with you before, I have been a server/waitress and it is one of the hardest jobs out there, especially when people think they can treat you like crap for something that wasn't even your fault. Gotta love those people. So in summary, great movie, go out and rent it if you haven't already seen it.

The American : I had high hopes for this movie, besides the fact that it featured one of my Hollywood boyfriend, Mr. Hottie George Clooney, when I saw the commercials it looked like it was going to be a really good movie. My husband and I were both pretty disappointed. It was incredibly slow and dare I say boring at times. I know that I am not interested in a movie if I find my mind wandering and thinking about other things. I want to be sucked into the story and on the edge of my seat. This movie just didn't deliver for me. I did like the scenes between Clooney's character and the priest. I loved the gorgeous scenery of Italy and it made me want to go and visit so much more than I already did. I would love to take a month off and go all over Europe and take a million photographs of every exquisite thing or landscape that I see, but then I am snapped right back into reality of the daily grind and I realize I used most of my vacation days up cause I didn't want to drive around in the snow and ice. Great. Some of you may have liked this film, but for me I could have done without it. It wasn't terrible, but I didn't like it. If you want to see two great George Clooney movies, I would suggest "Up in the Air" and "Michael Clayton" - both excellent films! And he is still my boyfriend and the modern day Cary Grant! :) I also have to mention that I commend George on all of his constant humanitarian work that he does for Darfur. I attended a rally a few years ago in DC where he spoke with his father about their time in that region and how much aid is needed to help the modern day holocaust and atrocities that have occurred in that area of Africa for too long. You're the best George!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Free For All Fridays

This is my Fourth Free for all Friday and that was a big F alliteration! Freaking Fantastic and Fun! There is another one!

First I want to say a big THANK YOU to my friend Brittany who started following putting me back up to 47 followers.  I am really close to 50 and I know that it is coming soon to a blog near you! This one! Also another Thanks to my sweet and helpful husband, Joseph for plugging my blog on his facebook page yesterday, what a nice guy! I am so lucky!

So here are my picks for this Friday:

1) PostSecret.com - This is one of my favorite sites in the world. It is an on-going art exhibit created by this very cool person named Frank who lives right here in Maryland!! I even have one of the books. This is such an incredible idea. People send in their secrets on a postcard anonymously and he posts them to the site or features them in one of the books. The site is also there to raise awareness about suicide prevention, an issue very near and dear to my heart. I think it is so important that we communicate what is going on inside of us. Personally, I love to read what other people are thinking or feeling or saying about their lives and their worlds. If you haven't ever gone on the site, please give it a try. Some of the postcards make you laugh, some make you cry and some inspire you to be a better person. There is a new posting every Sunday. I love checking in every week to see what new secrets are there waiting for me to discover! Very awesome!


2) Crazy Neighbors!   So back on Tuesday night, I come home and see that our next door neighbor has been putting in some serious gardening work, there are bags of mulch and fertilizer around and wooden planks. I just shrug my shoulders and go inside. Later that night,  my husband tells me to look outside, there very close to the window is our crazy neighbor and she is gardening, IN THE DARK and IN THE COLD, I realize that Spring is coming and people want to get out there and plant their various seedlings but in the dark, AT NIGHT? I would think you would need the sunlight of DAY to be able to see what the F you are doing out there. And this week the temperatures are plummeting at night into the 20s and 30s. So I know she was cold out there. This is also the same woman who we have found shoveling snow in the dark at night as well. There are many other odd and strange things going on over there, so I am glad that we are getting out soon. Also I must add that we live in a townhouse the kind that its just one long building with the units stuck together. Our front plots of land are TINY!! I mean VERY SMALL, and we have large trees there and a sidewalk and walkways leading up to the doors. There isn't much actual exposed land at all to garden so it seems pretty silly to me to go to all that trouble. But to each his own I guess!
A friend of mine on facebook said that she might be trying to bury a body which made me laugh out loud, literally, but nope, not even something that interesting, just a crazy neighbor lady, that's all.
And no, she is NOT like the crazy cat lady of the Simpsons, but she is just so crazy and so funny I had to include a picture of her!

3) Bath and Body Works: I have always loved this place but I am really loving them lately. My baby got me a $15 gift card as one of my Valentine's Day gifts and I went in and saw a deal they had for 4 soaps for $15, so it worked out perfectly! They have all these new "Island" inspired flavors/scents that I am in love with! I got Peach Bellini, Caribbean Escape, Island Margarita and Coconut Verbena. MMMMMmmm mmmm YUM! It makes such a difference when I wash my hands with their soaps opposed to the boring regular soap I would get at the store. I also really love their new scent, "Secret Wonderland" which I have in the lotion. It's amazing how much a fragrance can give you a much needed lift or burst of energy. These soaps smell so delicious they actually make me hungry, the Peach Bellini makes me want a juicy peach and a cocktail!

3) Song MASTER!! Ok so there I was going along on my daily dreadful commute and I was listening to my favorite radio station Jack Fm, 102.7 and I heard this song from the 80s that I really liked, but then as it was ending I thought, oh no, I don't know what band that was or any of the lyrics. (they aren't the kind of radio station that tells you the songs or the artists) I had to figure it out, so I tried so hard all day to figure out the lyrics all I could remember was the word, "Love", I mean really? How many freaking songs have the word love in them, about a billion, trillion,  yeah. So I even got my husband to put me on speaker so I could sing the melody to his co-worker who can pinpoint any song from the 70s or 80s. That didn't work. I went to the radio's website and searched through hundreds of songs on their playlist for the day, but that didn't work.  I googled and searched and searched, I went through hundreds of New Wave, British 80s band songs and I couldn't get anywhere because I didn't know enough lyrics, but then I got SO LUCKY and I Freaking FOUND IT! YES!!! All I typed in was 80s song and love and I found it on a site that listed alphabetically and thank God the title had the word love in the title!! Its called "Love Plus One" by Haircut 100. Here is the wacky and weird video for it:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Second BOOBS story of the week!

First and foremost, I hope you all like the green background that is to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the coming of Spring. This is a temporary break from Say WHHAAAT wednesday to fit in yet another funny story about boobies.

This is yet another story about boobs, fun bags, ta-tas, knockers, (I purposely won't mention the "T" word for them because I hate that word so much!) or just the appropriate name - breasts.
So last time I made you laugh about the food landing in my cleavage, if you missed it, check out my previous post. This one has a much more serious subject matter but it is also funny, who doesn't love a little humor thrown in with scary, potentially life-changing events!

This is the story of my most recent Mammogram. I didn't write about it because I was in mental torture and anguish around Christmas time. I went to see my primary care physician about some strange bruise like areas on my left "lady". I have many skin issues so I hoped that it wasn't anything too serious. But let me tell you people, DO NOT ever go looking on the internet for any symptoms related to your boobs because everything will come back the C word. And then you will turn yourself into a panic stricken, anxious, worried mess.  My primary care physician wanted me to have a Mammogram just in case. She told me not to worry, but that was no help. I am a worrier by nature and I have tried to harness this part of my self and control it and contain it, but when it comes to a situation where it involves the C word, it all unravels and spins out of control.

So the Radiology place couldn't see me until the Monday after Christmas, so I spent most of the week of Christmas wondering if I was going to get some really awful news. After that mental anguish, I went to my appointment and I don't know what kind of insanity was going on that day. But I will try to re-create the hell I experienced so you can laugh along. Except, wait, hell is supposedly hot, this waiting room was bitter cold and I am talking FREEZING!! I don't know if the heat was broken but the place was also packed to the rafters with patients awaiting their x-rays or sonograms or mammograms. So we all sat there, in terrible discomfort with our scarves, hats and winter coats staying on the entire time. I tried to distract my anxious and worried mind by reading "An Idiot's Girl Christmas" by Laurie Nataro. If you haven't read her books, you really should she is one of my favorite authors and she is freaking hilarious. The reading was quite hard to do because the horrible music they were blaring was freaky, unnatural Christmas music like Jingle Bell Rock by Beyonce which made my mood even more sour with contempt and utter hatred. I just needed to get in there and for them to tell me that I was going to be okay!
So finally it was my turn and since I am 33, I have never had this boob smashing and crushing procedure done before. I put on my gown waited and was taken by a very sweet young girl into the room with the machine. Then I think she left me in there, without my magazine, so just me and the silence and my terrifying thoughts. Then she took me up and laid my first boob out on the platform like a pancake, but the funny part is how much you have to twist your body for them to get it right and my face and head were smashed up against that square metal part of the machine that is right there, its very awkward, cold and uncomfortable. They told me on the phone that I shouldn't wear deoderant which I thought they meant only on the left side. But I didn't know they would be doing both boobs, so naturally I put deoderant on the right side. I thought well one side will be drenched and stinking might as well be fresh and dry on the other side! The technician had a good chuckle and made me wipe off the right side deo. While the machine squeezed and clamped down on my breast, the tech was telling me all about her little girl and Christmas time and how much joy her little girl has brought into her world. I tell her that I want so much to try to get pregnant and I really hope that I don't have cancer. She looks at me with compassion in her eyes and says, "Oh yeah well that is good that you are gettng checked out now" So after many more minutes of waiting she comes and gives me that magical piece of paper telling me that I am ok!  THANK YOU GOD!! Now I can breathe easy and keep trying to get pregnant. What a feeling of relief! I mean really, if you don't have your health, you don't have much!

I hope that for all the other patients in there they will fix the damn heat and turn off the terrible Christmas music!!

Here you can see the part that also pushes against your face and head!!