Friday, March 4, 2011

Free For All Fridays

This is my Fourth Free for all Friday and that was a big F alliteration! Freaking Fantastic and Fun! There is another one!

First I want to say a big THANK YOU to my friend Brittany who started following putting me back up to 47 followers.  I am really close to 50 and I know that it is coming soon to a blog near you! This one! Also another Thanks to my sweet and helpful husband, Joseph for plugging my blog on his facebook page yesterday, what a nice guy! I am so lucky!

So here are my picks for this Friday:

1) - This is one of my favorite sites in the world. It is an on-going art exhibit created by this very cool person named Frank who lives right here in Maryland!! I even have one of the books. This is such an incredible idea. People send in their secrets on a postcard anonymously and he posts them to the site or features them in one of the books. The site is also there to raise awareness about suicide prevention, an issue very near and dear to my heart. I think it is so important that we communicate what is going on inside of us. Personally, I love to read what other people are thinking or feeling or saying about their lives and their worlds. If you haven't ever gone on the site, please give it a try. Some of the postcards make you laugh, some make you cry and some inspire you to be a better person. There is a new posting every Sunday. I love checking in every week to see what new secrets are there waiting for me to discover! Very awesome!

2) Crazy Neighbors!   So back on Tuesday night, I come home and see that our next door neighbor has been putting in some serious gardening work, there are bags of mulch and fertilizer around and wooden planks. I just shrug my shoulders and go inside. Later that night,  my husband tells me to look outside, there very close to the window is our crazy neighbor and she is gardening, IN THE DARK and IN THE COLD, I realize that Spring is coming and people want to get out there and plant their various seedlings but in the dark, AT NIGHT? I would think you would need the sunlight of DAY to be able to see what the F you are doing out there. And this week the temperatures are plummeting at night into the 20s and 30s. So I know she was cold out there. This is also the same woman who we have found shoveling snow in the dark at night as well. There are many other odd and strange things going on over there, so I am glad that we are getting out soon. Also I must add that we live in a townhouse the kind that its just one long building with the units stuck together. Our front plots of land are TINY!! I mean VERY SMALL, and we have large trees there and a sidewalk and walkways leading up to the doors. There isn't much actual exposed land at all to garden so it seems pretty silly to me to go to all that trouble. But to each his own I guess!
A friend of mine on facebook said that she might be trying to bury a body which made me laugh out loud, literally, but nope, not even something that interesting, just a crazy neighbor lady, that's all.
And no, she is NOT like the crazy cat lady of the Simpsons, but she is just so crazy and so funny I had to include a picture of her!

3) Bath and Body Works: I have always loved this place but I am really loving them lately. My baby got me a $15 gift card as one of my Valentine's Day gifts and I went in and saw a deal they had for 4 soaps for $15, so it worked out perfectly! They have all these new "Island" inspired flavors/scents that I am in love with! I got Peach Bellini, Caribbean Escape, Island Margarita and Coconut Verbena. MMMMMmmm mmmm YUM! It makes such a difference when I wash my hands with their soaps opposed to the boring regular soap I would get at the store. I also really love their new scent, "Secret Wonderland" which I have in the lotion. It's amazing how much a fragrance can give you a much needed lift or burst of energy. These soaps smell so delicious they actually make me hungry, the Peach Bellini makes me want a juicy peach and a cocktail!

3) Song MASTER!! Ok so there I was going along on my daily dreadful commute and I was listening to my favorite radio station Jack Fm, 102.7 and I heard this song from the 80s that I really liked, but then as it was ending I thought, oh no, I don't know what band that was or any of the lyrics. (they aren't the kind of radio station that tells you the songs or the artists) I had to figure it out, so I tried so hard all day to figure out the lyrics all I could remember was the word, "Love", I mean really? How many freaking songs have the word love in them, about a billion, trillion,  yeah. So I even got my husband to put me on speaker so I could sing the melody to his co-worker who can pinpoint any song from the 70s or 80s. That didn't work. I went to the radio's website and searched through hundreds of songs on their playlist for the day, but that didn't work.  I googled and searched and searched, I went through hundreds of New Wave, British 80s band songs and I couldn't get anywhere because I didn't know enough lyrics, but then I got SO LUCKY and I Freaking FOUND IT! YES!!! All I typed in was 80s song and love and I found it on a site that listed alphabetically and thank God the title had the word love in the title!! Its called "Love Plus One" by Haircut 100. Here is the wacky and weird video for it:


  1. I love me some Bath and Body Works!! They just recently came to Canada, though not in my city, which is terrible. Thankfully, it is in the city my family lives in, so I'm always well stocked!!

  2. Jess, I think I am actually going to start ordering at the online store because you can get really great deals and use the coupon codes too! Cheers to smell good stuff!!

  3. I like a lot of 80s music, but I don't remember hearing that one before. I'll have to check out Post Secret today.

  4. George - that is quite a unusal 80s hit, that is why it was so hard for me to pinpoint it, I hope you like Post Secret, its really fascinating and interesting stuff

  5. You should meet our neighbors on one side- DrunkFemale and JerkFaceMale. It's just so dang much fun.

  6. You know who's awesome...."You arrrrrr"


  8. ur both awesome. :P so i went on the PostSecret website. genius right? :) i love it. gonna send something tonight!

  9. That's funny about your neighbor. As I was reading it I thought of that Tom Hanks movie "The Burbs". HA!

  10. i like that you called them flavors rather than scents because i always do that when i shop there too. my husband looks at me like i'm 4 whenever i say it, but they smell so yummy, they're like food! warm vanilla sugar soap for me, please!
    maybe your neighbor is an insomniac. or has very little free time & so must get the work done in any free minute. or maybe she's from alaska & has a really high tolerance for cold. or maybe she's a vampire & can't go out in the light of day.

  11. @Nerd Girl - you are awesome too! I am so happy you like Post Secret and you are sending one! So cool!
    @Ruth - I hope she really isn't like the Burbs, they were all being loud this morning again, as usual
    @Sherilin - thanks, they are more like flavors, right? She is just weird I think :) But it would be WAAAY more interesting and bad ass if she was a vampire!

  12. I avoid going into Bath and Body Works like a vampire avoids mirrors and garlic. I instead go into Cinnabon when my wife wants lavender bath salts (or some other such product).
    Speaking of vampires....
    I agree with Sherilin. Maybe your neighbor IS one of the undead.

    DISCLAIMER: The preceding is in no way meant as an affront to the fine, fine people who work at or patronize the aforementioned Bath and Body Works (some of the sweetest-smelling people in the world). Rather, it is meant as a heartfelt commentary on my personal aversion to a place which sells a mind-numbing array of body washes. Mind-numbing because, in my guy world, one bar of Irish Spring usually does the trick.
    Thank you and God bless America.

  13. al's comments always crack me up. i wish he was my neighbor. so i could laugh at him when he uses to toilet out in front of his house.

  14. @Al - that is a very funny comment, I really like the disclaimer and my husband doesn't want to go into Bath and Body Works either, too girly!
    @Sherilin - I completely agree maybe I would hive five Al out on my way to work while he was sitting there doing his business! HAHA!

  15. I just went to bath and body works this weekend. I desparately needed hand lotion, mine is wicked rough.

  16. jdracecar: Please excuse this temporary hijacking of your blog so that I may mind-meld with Sherilyn.
    Sherilyn: I have this idea about a picture I could take using one of the couches that people throw to the curb. I'd love to lay down on one while reading the newspaper (or I can fake I'm asleep with the paper laying on the street-I haven't made up my mind yet) while cars whiz by.
    @jdracecar: I now return your blog to you (yeah, as if I ever had complete control of it. What an ego I have)
    By the way, we'd all be awesome neighbors!

  17. Hi jd-racecar. Came over here from Sprite's. This is turning into a magical creatures convention.

    I like the post secret art project too.
    I enjoy and am known for taking comment sections hostage. Commenters ignore each other too much.

    And Al is just avoiding potential on-line litigation. Neighbors have been complaining about his recycling efforts for awhile. Replacing the toilet with a couch would be a welcome sight.

  18. I've been that neighbour who gardened at night, and I'm always that neighbour shoveling snow at night.

    Yes, I have too many cats as well.

  19. And just where do you think the fertilizer for your garden comes from?

  20. 1. sounds like a great website.
    2. I'd rather have a slightly odd neighbour than the abusive one we had before we moved
    3. I love it when my hands smell nice :)
    4. This is SOO weird but we just got home and in the car we were singing to THIS very song! LOL! How cool is that?

  21. Hi friend of sprite's and sprite - that is really weird coincidence - I think its awesome!

  22. Al, please refrain from fertilizing my lawn.