Friday, March 25, 2011

Free for All Fridays

Hey Everyone - this is going to be a short, sweet and pretty random Free For All Fridays blog post. I am tired (recurring theme!), its the end of the week and I have a lot to accomplish today.

1) THE TOURIST - while I do love Johnny Depp very much this movie was pretty awful. I didn't even finish it, so instead of recommending it, I am encouraging everyone to SKIP IT!

2)THE OFFICE - Last night, on one of my favorite shows, The Office, Michael Scott proposed to Holly and announced that he would be moving with her to Colorado. Die hard Office fan that I am I have known for quite some time that Michael - Steve Carrell was leaving. I must say this is going to be hard for me because he is such a central part to the show. I will miss him, and the big announcement last night is that Will Ferrell might be taking his place. Will Ferrell is hilarious but it is going to feel really weird to me. The show has been so important to me, I have watched from the very beginning when I began my first office job and I immediately fell in love. Then I got my husband into it and he was hooked, we like to think that we are like Jim and Pam, although we did not meet at work. The writing has always been so funny and the actors are so great. I will miss you Steve Carrell.

3) HAPPINESS - I have realized over this last week (what I already know) that I am so very blessed and lucky to have the love and happiness that I have in my life. People spend so much time trying to get more money, a bigger house, a shinier, bigger car, but how often do you ask your friends and loved ones, "How are you doing..REALLY?" and "Are you happy?" Its worth more than gold, worth more than all the riches of the world. To be happy with the life you are building, what you are creating and the love you are making. Maybe that sounds like some corny lyrics to a song but it is so true. I haven't always been this happy and when I celebrate it on facebook and post a picture of flowers that Joe gave me I am NOT doing it to brag, or to show off, I am doing it so I can celebrate MY JOY that is here NOW. To recognize it and not take ANY OF IT FOR GRANTED!! I wish this happiness for everyone. I am not saying that I don't have struggles, frustrations or problems. Everyone does. But there is FAR too much misery on the loose and this week I have been overwhelmed with news of other people's suffering. I will continue to pray for them, that they find a better day soon.


  1. Hubs and I never did take to The Office but I do love Steve Carrell in several of his movies. AMEN to your happiness comment!

  2. Re: Your comment about "The Office": "...this [Michael Scott leaving] is going to be hard for me."
    OK...that's what she said.
    The Office: And I like it, too.

  3. @EmptyNester - Thanks so much!
    @Al - OH YOU!! That was a VERY APPROPRIATE and funny comment, couldn't have said, "thats what she said" any better!! :)