Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So this is another SAY WHHHAAAAAAAT?? Wednesday and today I have good news, GREAT news, FABULOUS AND FANTASTIC News and it relates to my last post about road rage and the dreaded awful commute I have to suffer through twice a day. I can start telecommuting next week for one day a week!! YAY!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!
It will be so nice after the weekend, on Sunday night to NOT have to feel the dread of beginning another work week on Monday morning. INSTEAD - I can wake up, stretch and STAY in my pajamas and go downstairs and log on and start working. This will also help out to save on gas, considering it has reached a soaring $3.74 in some places in my neighborhood.
I had to work at this job for a year before I was eligilble to apply for teleworking. And my year anniversary was last week and I was sure to turn those papers in right away. Another reason its great is because its a virtual ghost town in my office on Mondays. Not many people here at all (either teleworking or on a compressed work schedule). My co-worker is not happy because I am abandoning her but I have to do it! I live much farther away than most people here and the commute really wears me down.

As we move into a more paperless, technology driven world, more and more offices are offering this to their employees. It is such a great idea. Unfortunately I do have to be in the office most of the week, I have to print hundreds, sometimes over a thousand pages of documents and I can't do that from home. I also need to retrieve files and receive packages related to my cases, so I don't know how I could do it for more than one day a week. But the other great aspect is that I can telework in cases of  inclement weather. When there are dangerous road conditions due to ice or snow or both, then they will make an announcement telling employees that they have the option to telework. So awesome! I used FAR too much of my vacation days this year because I wasn't willing to drive in the snow and ice, so in the future, I will be able to save those precious days.

Today I am grateful and happy! THANK YOU GOD FOR TELEWORKING!!!

This is not me and I don't have any silky pajamas but imagine the same idea with big plaid PJ pants and you've got the idea! :)

This is more like it and these slippers look EXACTLY like mine!!


  1. Hee Hee about the photos! But what great news, and even better that you get to stay home on a Monday after the weekend. I'm very pleased for you.

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  3. woohoo! it's so nice when companies offer their employees some options.

  4. oo, that does sound cozy! The office with hardly any people in it sounds relaxing too--you can surf the net and nobody knows :)

  5. How cool is that... i really love that idea darlin... have fun working at home!

  6. I would LOVE to do that. Unfortunately, my ADD would kick in and I would probably fart around all day (I'd probably be on Blogger a lot) and not start to work until the rest of the family came home. Then, supper. Then, TV. Then, "Oh crap, I have work to do!"
    Congratulations to you, though!

  7. Congratulations. Working in your pjs is the best way to work.