Monday, March 21, 2011

March Showers

The saying goes, "April Showers bring May Flowers" Well, here in Maryland its more like March showers and continued April showers. We had a beautiful weekend, sunny and gorgeous warm weather. I didn't get to go on our trip because my nephew was sick with Strep throat and I didn't want to catch it. That is okay, we are planning on going in April.

I woke up on this lovely (sarcasm) Monday Morning to loud thunder, which is kind of weird to hear around 6:30 in the morning. I looked outside and took a very deep breath, more like a huge sigh. The down pour was torrential and I knew I was headed for an interesting ride. The terrifying part came when I was coming up a hill and there were two trucks pulled over blocking the shoulder, at the same time a huge commuter bus was trying to squeeze by in the lane next to me. I had to silently pray that I would get to work safely. Now that day lights savings time has happened I have to drive to work in the dark, as well. So it was dark and stormy - such a great combination for disaster to strike! I don't know why everyone seems to drive more erracticly and insane when it rains but lately I have had zero patience for aggressive drivers who either ride my ass or try to speed up really close so they can speed around you and cut you off. Basically I have no tolerance for idiots out there and there are SOOOOO MANY!! Have these people never heard of hydro-planing? Have they never slammed on their brakes just to find their car is skidding and still going farther and farther forward!??! I know this may all seem a bit dramatic, but around here you can lose your mind from trying to get to work and get home safely. I feel like I have to fight a war with the dangerous, oblivious, and just plain A$$holes out there in a rush. And speaking of rush, where is the fire people?? I know that your job probably isn't that important. It doesn't matter THAT MUCH if you get to the office at 7:55 or 8:00. Its a world of impatient people and I understand, you are frustrated after sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for over an hour just to get to your office, a place most of you would rather not be, but endangering your life and the life of all of those around your vehicle, NOT WORTH IT!!
Recently, they have passed a law that made it illegal to drive and talk on your cell or text for that matter. I can't even imagine texting while driving. SERIOUSLY? That is the most idiotic thing that I can imagine, I have been guilty of quick calls on my cell to my husband on my way home. But I see these people out there still holding their phones to their face for miles and miles. To these people I say, Hang up and drive. If its a dire emergency that you must flap your gums in the wind while you drive, then use a freaking blue tooth that is what they were created for! Or pull over and talk if its really an emergency. But is it REALLY an emergency? Probably not. You could learn a little self control and wait until you get home or to your next non-moving destination.
Sorry for the angry RANT with SO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS today, but I am so fed up, beyond fed up. I hope that everyone will drive safely this week and watch out for the dangerous, rude, impatient and ultimately extremely selfish a-holes that flood our roadways!! And just to add to the fun, its supposed to rain on Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday too!!! OH JOY!


  1. I hate driving in the rain especially when it's dark! The idiots down here don't have to have the rain as an excuse to drive badly--they are horrid on a sunny day as well! Glad you made is safely to work!

  2. I always thought the worst drivers I ever encountered were out there. I think it has to due with so many people from all over the country (or outside of this country) being concentrated in one area.

  3. when I lived in suburban hell (and worked!) I HATED the drive. Oh that yucky bumper-to-bumper sea of cars. Blech. It's raining here in Southern Ontario today too. Joy.

  4. We just had hail. :(
    Driving in bad weather is horrible.
    By the way, thanks for the tip about jeans at Old Navy. I found a pair that fit me. :)

  5. Sorry you had such a hard time of it there! NOT good either that you have so much rain forecast for the next few days! Hopefully, the forecasters will be wrong.

  6. @EmptyNester - Thanks for understanding, you are right the crazy drivers are always out there but when you add water it just SEEMS so much worse!
    @George - yeah it is definitely one of the U.S metro areas known for horrendous traffic nightmares!
    @Karen - the bumper to bumper sea of cars - my daily morning and pm drive :)
    @Ruth - we had hail too, luckily I didn't experience that or I might have just turned around. So happy my suggestion worked out for you! That is awesome!
    @Thisisme - They might have been wrong, now they are saying Friday will be sunny BUT...there is a chance it wil SNOW that night, REALLY??! It has been sunny and in the upper 60s and 70s and now they are bringing the four letter s-word back into the mix!!

  7. i don't text and drive, but unless the weather or roads are bad, i totally talk and drive. i figure it's no different to talk on a phone than it is to talk to someone sitting beside me in the car. and if we're not allowed to talk on the phone then they might as well outlaw conversations with passengers as well. or maybe outlaw kids, cuz they're way more distracting than my friend i'm chatting with on my cell.