Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, Monday..

So good to me...well not really, is it good to anyone? Your body is shocked back into reality that you can't sleep until a time that is comfortable and you must get up early and face another dreaded work week. This was daylights sayings weekend so SURPRISE, you get to lose another hour of precious shut eye!
But I did have a very nice weekend. The weather was beautiful and I got to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and the Spring like temperatures. We went to the lake, of course and I told Joe that I can't wait to see all the duck babies and the goslings. The water looked absolutely gorgeous glistening in the sunshine.

I got the cutest Easter Duck plush toy at Giant. I couldn't resist him he was too cute. Here is a picture of what he looks like

We saw a pretty good movie, "The Next Three Days" the new-er movie with Russel Crowe and Elizabeth Banks. It was very suspenseful and definitely kept my interest throughout. It was kind of similar to "Conviction" actually except that this time it is a husband who is desperate to prove his wife is innocent.

I am looking forward to this weekend. After St.Patrick's Day, I am going to Virginia to see my sister, Patty, who's birthday is St. Patrick's Day. I haven't seen her new house yet, so that will be fun and of course I get to see my adorable niece and nephew, Faith (4) and Aiden (6). They are too cute and because my entire family lives out of state I don't get to see them or visit them that often. Its supposed to be nice weather and of course it will be even warmer down there. I hope we can take a little trip to get some ice cream and walk around outside. You know, the simple pleasures in life. I will include the most recent picture I have of the two of them. Its from Halloween (obviously) :)

After St. Patrick's Day I will probably give the blog a new look. I like the green but I enjoy changing it up even more. So what are you guys doing for St. Patrick's Day? I want to hear about the Guinness guzzling and the Irish car bombs. All the drunken debauchery you have lined up..


  1. Isn't it lovely to feel the warmth (we're not getting any here yet in England! Lovely bright days but still very chilly in the wind). I love that little plush toy. Cute! Looks as if you have a super weekend coming up. Love the little ones in their Halloween outfits. Have a good week and hope it carries on being warm for you!

  2. Cute kids, I could go on and on about the little nipper you have pictured right below your niece and nephew.
    I don't think I have ever heard of "The Next Three Days". Have a nice trip.

  3. How nice that you're going to visit your sister! I know you will have such a great time! I don't think we've paid any attention to St Paddy's day since I was in college. Our daughters, on the other hand, will be partying with the best of them!

  4. I try to greet Monday with some amount of Zen stoicism (I'm not sure that's even a real thing. You know, like Lady GaGa).
    I actually like Monday mornings better than Sunday evenings. Because, when it's Monday, the clock is already ticking towards the weekend.
    But, then again, it's ALSO ticking towards another Monday morning!!!
    Damn zen!!!!

  5. This one killed me because of the daylight savings. Kids are cute, and that Guinness looks delicious though I don't drink anymore. Following.

  6. Thanks Everyone!
    @Elliot - Thanks for following! yay 51!!

  7. I'mn ot doing ANYTHING cause i'm sooo far away from Irish people now! kinda bumbed... :( i miss Canada. but nice post. :)