Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Say Whaaaat Wednesdays

So I am going to make this a short post, a funny post for your entertainment and enjoyment. I have a ton of work and I was stuck in horrendous traffic this morning for 2 hours so I don't have the patience to put in a long post.
Yesterday I was very tired, I missed about 2 hours of sleep on Monday night. It was one of those situations where you wake up and you can't go back to sleep, then when you finally fall asleep, its is time for the alarm to go off. I was here hard at work yesterday and it was a long day. Trying to work on two cases at the same time and getting frazzled, stressed and plain old pooped, tired and weary. It was the end of the long work day and my co-worker had been sneezing all day, poor thing and all day I had been saying Bless you, Bless you. But this time, I was writing where I had left off in my case, so I was writing the words, "LEFT OFF.." so when she sneezed,,, AAAAHHHCCHOOO, I screamed the word, "LEFT!!!" instead of "Bless you" It was pretty funny! I started cracking up from all the insanity and delirium that was taking place.
Then when I told my co-worker why I screamed out Left!! instead of Bless you! she said I reminded her of those Bing commercials where the people are standing there like a deer in headlights, saying "Mom Jeans, jeans that moms wear..." I am sure I did look just like that! Too funny!

I will save my other things for Friday. See you guys then. Also, I don't think I will do a movie review post again because I only got one comment and it was about something unrelated to my post. I guess it was my Spoiler Alert at the top. So that's ok, now I know what not to do, thanks Sherilin for commenting anyway!

Here is the link to the Bing Commercial in case you haven't seen it a couple hundred times!


  1. Exhaustion makes me loopy too! LOL

  2. I think I missed that post somewhere.
    Or I am just tired and don't remember.
    Well, I am tired. I didn't sleep much last night either.

  3. @EmptyNester - I know it can make for a funny situation!
    @Ruth - it was my post before this one from Monday, its not a big deal I was just suprised that no one commented really, but thanks, you are so sweet and let us both GET SOME REST! I love sleep!

  4. Oh, wow, I wished I had commented on that movie review! But, I was sleepy (or one of the other dwarves)......

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  6. That's funny. I entertain people too, when tired.

  7. Hey, I'm now follower #50. I like complete numbers.

  8. WOW Thanks Antares!! I will thank you and plug/tag your blog in my next post. I was trying really hard to reach my goal to 50 so thanks so much!!