Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day

Well this morning I leapt out of bed feeling wonderful, full of energy, vivrant and I got ready for work and got here with zero traffic woes and began a very lovely productive day. I didn't feel overwhelming nausea, fatigue, so bad it felt like my eyes were bleeding, I definitely didn't dry heave all morning over and over...APRIL FOOLS...I don't feel great, I am barely able to function and I don't know how my body and brain are able to type this right now.
I am so hoping that after April I start to feel better, its really taking its toll, I just want to lay down ALL THE TIME, I feel queasy and dizzy and sick all day long. WOW, this is rough!!
Today I told my husband it feels just like when you are super drunk and you really want to throw up just so you will feel better but then you can't so you just sit there feeling horrible, yeah that is like all day, everyday.
Women you are all my heroes!! You are the most amazing creatures on this earth! How do you endure so much strife and pain, I do not know!!

I might need to get this bag since I don't really "look" pregnant yet and if someone is in my way on the way to the bathroom I will just point to the bag!!


  1. Can't offer much help here---I was one of the fortunate few who didn't suffer with 'morning sickness' --although, Hubs did. I know. It sounds weird but he really did--all four times! I have heard though, that it does subside so hand in there! This too shall pass!

  2. I was fortunate enough to never actually throw up.
    But, I did feel like I would.
    Smells were the worst.
    That went away thankfully. But, I was tired the whole time I was pregnant.
    If Honeyman and I watched a movie I was almost certain to fall asleep.

  3. I have to say that I had this morning sickness (in fact, I had all day sickness) for the first four months. After that, it all got better. You will get through this and we're all here rooting for you!! Take care.

  4. the good news is you get something great at the end of this "hangover" unlike the drunkies, who only have vague memories!

  5. As Sherilin said, the destination is worth the nasty price of this journey. I pray that the nausea becomes a thing of the past. My female co-worker told me it is not a 9 month affair. Roland

  6. @EmptyNester - You are very lucky and that is pretty bizarre that your husband did!! I have heard of "sympathy" pains or symptoms but wow that is pretty fascinating!! So he really did "share your pain"!!
    @Ruth - smells are the worst - people's perfume, smoke, and especially the trash, really all gross smells, I am so tired, I was tired before I was pregnant and now I am unbelievably tired! :)
    @Thisisme- I have the all day sickness too - from the time I get up until around 5 and then it subsides but its back with a vengence the next day!
    @Sherilin, I know I can't wait until I can meet him or her, or even find out if it is a him or a her!
    @Rolan - thanks for the words of encouragement and thanks for following!

  7. I just kept a jar of cashews on hand, I don't know why that worked better than crackers but it did.

  8. I have been eating trail mix with cashews and almonds too, I have to be careful not to eat too many though! :)