Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ok, it is NOT always funny in Colum-bubble!

This is a serious subject today. Sorry to bring everyone down with my drama and not have a "funny" story or a humorous story about my clumsiness during pregnancy, forgetfulness or just overall fatigue. Well, here is a tiny funny tid-bit. I lost sleep on Monday night because along with the constant nausea, shooting pains through my boobs, clothes getting way too tight and always feeling tired, sometimes it is hard to get comfortable at night or go back to sleep after getting up to pee (for the 5th time that night). I lost about 2 hours of sleep on Monday night, so that means I was going to be EXTRA STRENGTH tired on Tuesday. I had to run to Target to get a few things and I proceeded to run my car into the bars that keep the carts in the parking lot. Yeah, really smooth, luckily my car is fine and the "bars" or poles or whatever they are, are okay too. I find it hard to do everything that needs to be done in this state. My husband has been wonderful in doing the dishes, making dinner, cleaning up and the grocery shopping. He truly is the best husband, EVER!
So the last funny thing (not funny at the time) was that I need to run into Target and get a few things in a TIMELY FASHIION, quickly and without much fuss. Well I figured a week day would be better than the holy hell that takes place there on the weekends. So I went in and to my horror they were remodeling the ENTIRE STORE, so I didn't know where anything was and it took a very long time.

Ok, now back to the not-so-funny and serious and scary thing that happened later. Around 8:00 last night, there was a loud knock at our door. My husband didn't answer it and went upstairs to look out the window and see who it was. He then mentioned that these 2 young men got into a White Jeep Cherokee that he had seen earlier in our court when he was putting out the recycling. I told him that they were probably just selling stuff. Around this time of year, we get advertisements for services like gutter cleaning, etc. I told him that he shouldn't worry, but he was clearly worried that something not right and shady was going on. I said that I wondered if they had knocked on our neighbors doors as well. So my husband went over to one of the neightbors and asked if she had recently had a knock on the door and did she answer it. The neighbor, a young woman said that the young man had asked if she needed any security system for her house and that there had been a string of robberies in the area. WTF? There have not been a string of robberies in my area. I live in a nice area and we live directly across the street from an elementary school. So now my husband was sure that these men were "casing" our group of houses for future hits to either break in to our cars or houses or both. I was really scared the rest of the night and I am still paranoid and disturbed and I don't need this bullshit when I am pregnant. I have enough on my mind and enough to think about. Worrying is not good for me or the baby.
We also spoke with another neighbor who had opened the door to them and who has a security system already and there are signs in their front yard. Joe then called the police and let them know everything that had taken place and also told two other neighbors about the incident. The police said that they would canvas the area during the upcoming weeks of any suspicious behavior. I wish a police car would just sit in our court all day and all night! To all criminals and wanna-be criminals, theives out there, I hate you and I pray that my family as well as my neighbors are safe in the weeks ahead. I will be watching like a HAWK for these fools! I hope I don't have to write a follow up post about this!


  1. That is a little disturbing. Hopefully nothing comes of it.

  2. Awesome that your hubby is doing all that for you.
    Just wait until you can't get close to counters- that sucks.
    At least you guys have alerted the police to what is going on.

  3. The alarm salesman scam is one of the oldest scams in the book and unfortuantely they try to instill fear to get exactly what they want. Our house is now considered a gamble and will most likely be skipped over. I will be looking out for all of my other neighbors though, that's my word!!! Let it be known the second best thing you can do to protect yourself is just be aware...The first thing prevents anyone from leaving your home alive should they choose to enter!

  4. those things always leave me with a creepy feeling in my gut. like someone's looking in my window, ready to strike.

  5. That is very disturbing. If you do have to write another post about it, I hope it's just that the police picked them up and not that they robbed or harmed anyone!

  6. Thanks everyone, I think we will be okay, we just need to be aware of all shady people in and around our neighborhood. Hope to have a more positive post for you next time

  7. That is scary. Stay safe and vigilant. At least, your community's onto what these jerks are up to. It's a good time to grip your blankie.
    Take care.

  8. i gave you a goofy award on my blog tonight, if you want it. =)