Thursday, April 21, 2011


I haven't been posting too much lately. Just in survival mode with this first trimester of pregnancy, trying to keep my eyes open at work and keep plugging away throught the day still filled with nausea and dizziness and clothes that are far too tight now.
I thought I would post today about a funny (not really) very stinky and smelly situation that happens in my little court in Columbia. There are things in life that happen that you never thought you would have to deal with because they are very out of the ordinary. Well we do live in an area that has a lot of thick woods and creeks and streams and our three lovely (man-made) lakes. With all this lovely nature all around us comes the wildlife that inhabit it. But I never thought I would be doing battle with stinky, nasty old SKUNKS!
Thats right. This happened last Spring and last fall and now they are back again. They apparently like to get into the trash and they aren't really scared of us it seems cause they just wobble along right in the light of day, unafraid and ready to spray their stinky ass STENCH on all of us! So last night, in the middle of the night, this over-powering, beyond comprehension STINKY FUNK is filling my bedroom. In anger, I immediately scream at my poor unsuspecting husband thinking it was one of his famous night time butt explosions. But he acts innocent and shocked, then he says, "It smells like a skunk". And then it hit me. Being so tired and so nauseous, and in bed, I am now lying there in a huge SKUNK FUNK spray!! I figured that it was the victim of a near by car but this morning I didn't spot any recent roadkill. I guess he was crossing our front yard, got scared by something, sprayed just OUR HOUSE and went on his merry little skunk way.
I have had stories of bats, beavers, and deer to tell, but I really never thought that I would be dealing with this many skunks. It makes me just want to scream REALLY??!!


  1. Skunks are horrible.
    They are why we can't have windows open at night.
    It's a nice night and you think "good night to get some fresh air". Than a few hours after you go to bed, the nasty stench of skunk fills the air.
    Did you know the only real predators they have are owls because owls can't really smell them?
    Kinda strange they are out during the day. They really shouldn't be.

  2. They do produce a smell unlike any other- and it is horrid!

  3. So I guess bathing your house in tomato juice is out of the question?

  4. @Ruth, glad someone understands! When I saw one in the fall it was at night time but it was more like evening and he didn't seem afraid to walk right on by. Maybe we have crazed skunks! haha
    @EmptyNester - you got that right!
    @Al- if I had the energy or the tomato juice I just might give it a try. But what I really need is to find what they hate and sprinkle A TON of THAT around my house!

  5. eew! where i grew up in ny, we had skunk issues all the time, especially in the summer. we even had one get trapped in our garage once. i was so afraid i'd get sprayed & have to get a naked tomato juice bath in the back yard like the neighbor's dog.

  6. I don't think skunks like fruitcake. Or marzipan.
    Naked tomato juice bath. Hubba hubba.